Tuesday Tips – 06/17/2014


Dai-ichi Life Buys Protective
It has been announced that Protective life will be acquired at the end of this year by Dai-ichi Life headquartered out of Tokyo, Japan. Dai-ichi Life does not currently have a presence in the united states and the acquisition of Protective life is part of their international growth initiative. For the balance of the year Protective will continue to operate as a separate entity.

North American Changes Application Form
Effective immediately North American is replacing it’s existing life application. North American will still except the old version of application until July 10th. This change affects all life products.

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Social Security Claiming Strategy
For many individuals social security will play a major role in their retirement income. It’s no secret that there are numerous ways to file for social security. Attached is a great white paper that discusses various filing options that typically provide the most significant leverage for an individual.

Industry News

Inherited IRA’s Are Not Protected
In a recent decision the supreme court ruled that funds inside of an inherited IRA are not protected from bankruptcy. This decision does not affect an individuals own retirement accounts including IRA’s. While non spousal beneficiaries won’t have many options spousal IRA beneficiaries can still roll an inherited IRA into their own IRA where they would have creditor protection.

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Phoenix Introduces New Annuity
Phoenix has introduced the Personal Retirement Choice FIA. The product offers up to a 15% up front premium bonus, 5 crediting methods including 2 uncapped, and an optional income rider that rolls up at 8% simple interest for 12 years. Call today for details and state availability.

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