Tuesday Tips – 07/01/2014


S&P Upgrades Accordia Life and Annuity Company
Standard & Poor has upgraded Accordia Life and Annuity Company to an A- up from a BBB+ with a stable outlook. The upgrade is due in part S&P’s view that Accordia Life will be a core part of Global Atlantic moving forward and will continue to take in new business.

F&G Lowers Variable Loan Rates
Effective today F&G has lowered the maximum variable loan rate on the FG Life-Choice to 5.0% and the FG Life-Elite to 4.5%. Policies that are currently pending will be issued with the lower loan rates. Call today for details.

Sales Opportunity

Rewire to Retire
The retirement landscape is constantly changing. Getting clients to identify what they want in retirement and what factors can impact that are key to making a sale. I’ve attached a great whitepaper that discusses risks in planning for retirement and how to mitigate them.

Industry News

Long Term Care Costs
In a recent report from Genworth it was stated that the average increased cost for long term care has slowed slightly. The average duration of long term care is still 3 years but, the average cost of home health care has increased 1.32% while the cost of a nursing home stay has increased on average at a 4.29% rate annually.

Hot Rates

ANICO Launches New FIUL
ANICO has introduced a new fixed indexed universal life contract available today. The product offers competitive index options including annual point to point caps up to 14% and a unique performance triggered account that credits interest as long as the market isn’t negative. It also offers full and partial accelerated benefits including critical, chronic and terminal. Call today to request more information.

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