Tuesday Tips – 07/15/2014


AXA Introduces Preferred Client Program
AXA has announced a new preferred client program for clients who have purchased an AXA life insurance policy within the last 3 years.  Under the preferred program if you have purchased an AXA life insurance policy within the last 3 years you can apply for additional life insurance coverage with no medical underwriting.  In addition to this for a limited time an individual can also add AXA’s LTC rider to the policy with limited underwriting.  Call today for details.

LSW Dropping Rates
LSW has announced a rate decrease for several of their life insurance products.  The rate reduction goes into effect August 1st.  The rate change will only affect the fixed interest accounts and not the indexing strategies.  Call today for details.

Sales Opportunity

Disability Opportunities
I don’t often discuss DI on our newsletter but came across something that I thought was interesting and could lead to more sales.  Many individuals are either under insured or don’t have disability insurance at all.  Specifically networking with CPA’s and attorneys for DI sales offers multiple benefits.  Not only can they be a great referral source but are typically great candidates themselves.  Principal has created two microsites that offer a host of marketing and prospecting information for targeting these two groups.  Below are the links call today to discuss a marketing plan.

Industry News

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Director Resigns
It was announced last week that Joshua Gotbaum who is the director of the PBGC will resign in August.  As he exits the PBGC is in a state of flux, single employer plans have made great strides in becoming more solvent while multi employer plans continue to struggle with insolvencies that could affect up to 1.5mm individuals.

Hot Rates

LFG Income Edge Rider
Lincoln National is best known for their life insurance products but you might be missing an opportunity if you’re not looking at them for income distribution.  Not only do they have a competitive deferred income annuity but, they also have an incredibly competitive income rider that can be added onto any of their indexed products.  The product has some of the highest payout percentages in the industry as well as an innovative nursing home enhancement.  As an example the payout percentage for a 65 year old that has held their Lincoln annuity for 10 years is 5.85% and is 6.35% at age 70.  Call today for details and rider specs.

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