Jumpstart 2017 With Our Top Sales Kits

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Over this past year, Legacy Financial Partners created numerous guides, posts, and cheat sheets, all designed to help advisors everywhere with best practices and key marketing insights.

As thanks for a great year—and to help advisors gain a head start on 2017—we are offering two key sales kits for instant download. Fill out the form to receive our New Year Revitalization Guide and The Informed Advisor. You will also find our top six Marketing Corner posts from the past year.

Follow us for more kits and tips throughout the New Year, including our upcoming 17 Sales Ideas For 2017

Thank you and Happy New Year from Legacy Financial Partners.

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New Year Revitalization Guide

This kit has 9 actionable items that help you understand your year in business and why a marketing plan is critical to your success in 2017.


  • How to properly evaluate your year
  • Why production isn’t the only indicator for success
  • How to create an effective marketing plan
  • Why specific goals are important for a productive, successful 2017

The Informed Advisor Guide

This kit is a collection of eye-opening marketing statistics culled from recent research to give advisors struggling with marketing and prospecting real world insight.

Learn practical information about:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Mobile
  • Web design
  • Video and more

Top 6 Marketing Corner Posts from 2016

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15 Ways To Ruin A First Appointment

A successful first appointment with a prospect is crucial to converting them into a client. This post discusses 15 different ways advisors ruin the ever-important first appointment.

5 Tips For Story Selling

Story Selling is a powerful concept for advisors to connect with prospects and clear business. This post discusses 5 Story Selling tips that turn your pitches into resonant interactions.

6 Challenges Advisors Face Today

Advisors face many challenges throughout their career, from establishing a practice, building a client base, marketing, and dealing with downturns. This post presents 6 challenges advisors face in today’s…

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The New Marketing Funnel

A common way to diagram the path a lead takes to conversion is a funnel. This post discusses how lead flow through your marketing pipeline is less a downward path and more a non-linear process…

5 Low-Cost, Simple, and Obvious Marketing Solutions

While marketing has only become more sophisticated and tech-driven, there are proven simple marketing activities that you shouldn’t forget.

10 Reasons Why Your Prospect Says “No”

Why does a prospect reject your pitch? This post discusses key reasons prospects say no and simple things you can turn that may turn them into a yes.