Tuesday Tips – April 28th, 2015


Athene Upgraded

Athene rating with A.M. Best has been upgraded to A-. Call today to learn more about their product offerings and state availability.

F&G Rate Decrease

The rollup rates for the Safe Income Plus, Prosperity Elite Series, Income and Wealthbuilder series, FG Accumulatro Plus series, FG Index-Choice 10, and performance Pro are all decreasing by .50bps this week. The change will take effect April 29th.

Sales Opportunity

The Cost of Waiting

Many consumers have a tendency to drag their feet when it comes to setting up a financial plan or saving enough for retirement. One of the biggest challenges is getting them to understand that not having a plan or waiting to plan can have a significant effect on their quality of life in retirement. Attached is a great visual piece that discusses not only the state of the economy but a wealth of charts and information discussing the potential hurdles when saving for retirement and why proper planning is so important.

Industry News

Federal Spending

According to the CBO year to date the federal government has ran a budget deficit of $430 billion which is $17 billion more than the same time period in 2014.

Hot Rates

Allianz Life Pro +

The Life Pro + indexed universal life policy with Allianz is a competitive product designed for cash accumulation and flexibility. It offers a number of indexing options with annual point to point caps as high as 15%. In addition to this it offers flexible death benefit payout options as well as optional LTC benefits. Call today for more information.

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Marketing Corner – April 17th, 2015

Is Your Business Prepared for Google’s New Changes?

You may have heard rumblings about a new Google algorithm update coming soon. For anyone with a business website, hearing that Google is going to make any change at all can inspire fear, anxiety, sweaty palms, pained prayers, and breath-holding. The world’s most popular search engine in the world certainly holds quite a bit of power in the ecosystem of the Internet and any shift of weight by this web giant will ripple far and wide.

So…should you be scared?

Yes and no.

Google claims that the April 21 update will be a mobile-friendliness update, citing the growing importance of mobile site to overall searches.

As posted on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog:
Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

Sounds great, except if your website is not mobile-optimized. Basically this means if your website is not mobile-friendly, your mobile search traffic can dwindle and you will lose rank.

This repositioning of mobile is indicative of the larger trend towards smartphones and tablets as the go to device for Internet searches. Those who treat mobile interaction secondary to desktop interaction are in a for a ride.

You can test your website’s mobile-friendliness here:


If your website is considered mobile ready, then you don’t have much to worry about. Now you know the focus is on mobile-optimization, so maintain and improve your mobile appearance.

If it not, then consider mobile optimization. According to a very recent Local Search Association Study, 60% of US adults now use tablets or smartphones over PCs to get information about services and products.

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Tuesday Tips – April 21st, 2015


Mass Mutual Rate Increase

Mass Mutual has announced a price increase for it’s GUL and SUL products. The price increase will take effect April 27. The last day to submit an application on the old rates is April 24. Call for additional details.

Allianz Rate Changes

There are a number rate changes that go into effect April 28th for several Allianz Products. Some rates will be going up and others will be decreasing. Call today for additional information.

Sales Opportunity

John Hancock Vitality Program

John Hancock has introduced a new program that can save your clients as much as 15% on their insurance premiums. Clients can’t get reductions in premium along with other benefits just for living healthy. Call today for additional details.

Industry News

Boomer’s and Retirement

According to a recent IRI study 27% of boomers are confident they will have enough for retirement. This is down from 40% in 2011.

Hot Rates

Equitrust Wealthmax Bonus

The Wealthmax Bonus is a simplified issue single premium indexed life product. In addition to competitive caps the product offers a 12% premium bonus, return of premium, and a chronic illness rider. Call today for details.


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Marketing Corner – April 13th, 2015

Managing Expectations with Prospecting

Let’s begin with a less-than-controversial statement: prospecting is hard business. This is true even if you are lucky to convert a sale on the first interaction, because after you have satisfied that client, you have to think about where the next one will come from. Prospecting, especially within the financial services industry, is never-ending, with very few fish that jump into the boat.

The problem that many advisor and agents have regarding prospecting is a somewhat unrealistic attitude of instant conversion. Many of the advisors we work with have an immediate need; they may not be getting the same amount of leads they used to, or they may have a harder than usual time converting prospects into clients. While there are things in the immediate that advisors and agents can do to work through these challenges—such as purchasing leads, boosting web presence, and repositioning overall marketing strategies—you should also work to manage your prospecting expectations, and understand better pay-offs will often come with time.

Here are some prospecting pitfalls, followed by some thoughts on how to overcome prospecting challenges:

Prospecting Pitfalls

Your net is too wide, too narrow, or too unvaried.

As we’ve discussed before good marketing comes down to understanding your target market [ https://legacy-financial-partners.com/marketing-corner-thursday-jan-8th-2015/ ], and understanding the consumer profiles within your broader target market. So is the answer to become niche? Not exactly. Be both broad and niche. Have varied and dynamic marketing strategies; once that are rooted in what works and allows for experimentation.

The natural inclination is to try to convert the sale immediately

This can create tunnel vision. Obviously when interacting when with prospects, you should make the best case for your services and solutions, but closing away from a consumer once it becomes clear they aren’t ready, can waste an opportunity that occurs once they are ready.

You spend time burning and turning leads, rather than growing the seeds of opportunity.

Again prospecting is hard business, taking up significant time and resources. Why would you want to spend effort on a busted lead, when you could try your magic on a fresh prospect? Isn’t prospecting a numbers game? Yes, but it’s a numbers game on multiple axes of movement. If you only go after slam-dunks, you will miss the other shots that let you ultimately win the game.

It’s not an “either, or” situation. You can still aggressively pursue those clients that convert on a first pass and also have a measured approach to prospects that need time.

Some Suggestions for Overcoming Prospecting Pitfalls

Manage Expectations

You undoubtedly hope that trigger events such as retirement, would make prospects susceptible to your charm and expertise. Understand that these trigger events are not the same thing as a prospect screaming, “I need help, now!” It means that a consumer has a potential need, likely in the near future. It also probably means that the consumer will explore a lot of options and consider their overall goals by the time they reach you, and that your initial interactions with them will be seen as part of their option-weighing process.

Even if you have gathered a group of pre-retirees for your seminar on Social Security and Retirement Portfolio Maximization, you may get very little or no appointments out of that (or you may convert every single attendee into a client). But you have inserted yourself into those individuals’ evaluation process, assumed an authoritative role, and provided good information. What may be a failure in the short-term could very well be a success in the long-term. This is why when you do live events you capture as much prospect information as possible — for analysis and follow-up.

Use Direct Mail and Drip Email Campaigns for Serial Contact

Direct mail is an old-school way of marketing that still proves it’s worth, especially with pre-retiree consumers. So don’t discount it just yet. Drip email campaigns provide serial contact that track along with a prospect’s long-term decision-making process. So while a consumer takes the time necessary to figure out their financial priorities and weigh their planning options, they will have a periodic reminder of your services, expertise, and interactions.

If you can automate this process, even better. This will allow you to split your time between immediate converts and long-range opportunities.


Always follow-up on a prospect. Demonstrate your concern and expertise. Provide a personal touch.

It is important to remember that doing just one of these will be insufficient to properly engage with your community. You should look at all of these practices, as well as any others, to build and maintain your community presence. Whatever methods you practice, also remember that engagement is supposed to be an extension of you—your services, business philosophy, professionalism, and friendliness. The more you see these as opportunities, rather than duties of running a modern business, the more value you will get out of them.

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Tuesday Tips – April 7th, 2015


LibertyMark Rate Change

Effective April 15th rates on the LibertyMark 7 and 10 series will be reducing. Applications must be in house by April 14th to qualify for the old rates. Call today for additional details.

Phoenix Product Changes

Effective April 15th Phoenix will discontinue sales of the select plus, phoenix edge spia, family shield, and reflections gold bonus. In addition to this Phoenix will be reducing the payout percentage on their income riders. Call today for additional details.

Sales Opportunity

CD Renewals

April is CD Renewal month. In preparation for this we have put together a comprehensive sales kit with sales presentations, concept pieces, and point of sale pieces. Call today to request your kit.

Industry News

Annuity Increase in 2014

Total annuity sales for 2014 were $22.4 billion which was an increase of 3.8% according to Beacon Research and Morningstar.

Hot Rates

American Equity Traditions Gold

The traditions Gold offers annual pt to pt caps as high as 5% including a performance trigger option at 3.75%. In addition to this it offers 6 income rider options and has a death benefit and income doubler included. Call today for details.

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Tuesday Tips – March 31st, 2015


Athene Benefit 10

There was a slight cap reduction on the Benefit 10 FIA with Athene. All other product features including income rider remain the same. Call today for additional details.

Accordia April Rates

Accordia has announced rate decreases effective April 15th for its universal life and indexed universal life products. Policies issued after April 26th will receive the new credited rates.

Sales Opportunity

Tax Time

Call us today to request a 1040 overlay kit. These kits include a 1040 overlay as well as an accompanying sales guide that discusses sales concepts for each line item. We have a limited supply so request yours while we still have some.

Industry News

Health Care Spending

In a report from Altarum Institute it was determined that health care spending increased by 5% in 2014 which is an increase from the average of 3.9% between the years of 2009-2013.

Hot Rates

Voya Wealthbuilder Plus

The wealthbuilder Plus is an 8 year product with competitive caps and income rider. The product offers a 6% annual pt to pt cap for premiums of 100k or more and a performance trigger strategy of 4.25%. In addition to this it offers a unique 2% stacking rollup on the product. Call today for details and state availability.

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Marketing Corner – April 6th, 2015

Don’t Miss Out On April CD Renewal Opportunities

October 19, 1987. The largest percentage drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average—a negative 22.61% loss. This is, of course, Black Monday. At the time many thought the effects of this market crash would rival the Great Crash of 1929 (Black Tuesday). However, markets rebounded, with some volatility. For example, just as Black Monday was preceded by all-time highs, so too was the Friday 13th Mini-crash that occurred in October 1989.

The stock market has since experienced much change in the intervening 27 years or so (2008 anyone?) the effects of the 1987 crash are still rippling through the marketplace, in a curious way. One immediate effect (and possible contributor to the severity of Black Monday) was that many individual consumers took their money out of exposed investments and stuffed them into Certificates of Deposits.

This explains why the months of April and October are known as CD renewal months—when consumers’ six-month and twelve-month certificates of deposits are up for renewal. When compared to the market risks, CDs seem like a good bet, and certainly did in October of 1987. CDs provide guaranteed, but by no means huge, interest rates and they are backed by the FDIC.

Many consumers are comfortable with their long-range CDs, but the problem that some face is that CDs do not track as well with inflation as other products do, such as modern versions of annuities.

This presents a great opportunity for the agent or advisor. A client or potential client could see a better—and still safe—return by parlaying their CD funds into an instrument that has greater interest rates and underlying guaranteed structures. Many consumers from the CD boom that resulted from Black Monday may not even be aware of modern, more agile, financial products like fixed indexed annuities. They may renew their CDs out of habit, out of a sense of familiarity and security.

Certainly every consumer is going to be different. For some individuals, their CD may be perfect for their needs and desired level of marketplace participation. It will depend, but it does mean that April and October are good times of the year to have these kinds of discussions, uncover new needs, and make product sales.

To help take advantage of CD renewal opportunities, Legacy Financial Partners is pleased to offer our CD Replacement Kits. Click here to get your complimentary CD Replacement Kit.

It’s still tax season, so don’t forget about our 1040 Overlay Kits.

Complimentary CD Renewal Kit for 2015

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Tuesday Tips – March 17th, 2015


FIA products see changes

Many carriers have been adjusting some of their product features to reflect the current interest rate environment. We have seen caps/rates, bonuses and income rider features change with many carriers over the last month or so. Carriers that have made adjustments include North American, Equitrust, American Equity, Allianz and more. Call or email for the most current rates and product features, or to obtain a quote for your next case.

Sales Opportunity

Tips from a BILLION dollar producer

Join us on Wednesday, March 25th at 10 am CST to learn from the best. Jon Kuttin is a true mega producer who has over $1.5 billion dollars in assets under management. Jon is also a consistent Barron’s List Advisor which places him among the elite of the elite! Mr. Kuttin will be sharing some extremely valuable information about his practice and will show you how to create sustainable growth for your practice, how to create strategic alliances and how to turn gatekeepers into advocates for you and your business. This is a great opportunity and space is limited so please call today to be registered for this event!

Industry News

Market opportunities do exist for agents seeking to sell life insurance to the affluent market. Over the last several years we have seen a decline in the amount of cash value insurance being purchased by affluent investors (individuals with 100k—999k of financial assets) and high net worth individuals and families (over the $1 million mark). Most of this can be attributed to the increase in estate tax exemptions over the years. With concerns over estate taxes being diminished for some of this market they have been relying more on their investment portfolios than insurance solutions. Life insurance companies have recognized this downward trend and have been developing new and unique products designed to have a greater appeal to the affluent marketplace. Products that are linked to various stock market indexes and that offer living benefits are more attractive to this type of consumer as many of them hold a large amount of funds in different investment accounts. Being able to offer great upside as well as tax advantaged growth are appealing to this type of investor, and the other living benefits many of these policies provide is icing on the cake

Hot Rates

John Hancock introduces the Performance LTC

John Hancock is pleased to introduce the Performance LTC to the market. This product offers the most competitively priced premiums on the market today, along with flexible features and options that will give your clients greater control over their premiums and benefits. The product has been approved in 37 states so give me a call with your next LTC case to see how it stacks up against the competition.


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Tuesday Tips – March 10th, 2015


Tax Time

We are right in the thick of tax season. Make sure to give us a call to get your complimentary 1040 overlay sales kit. It has numerous sales concepts and all of the tools you need to dissect the 1040.

LibertyMark Rate Change

Rates on the LibertyMark 10, 10LT and LibertyMark 10plus and 10LT plus are decreasing effective March 15. Call today for updated rates.

Sales Opportunity

Qualified Annuity Prospects

We formed an exclusive relationship with a strategic marketing partner that generates qualified annuity prospects. Not only are they qualified but the company reaches out the prospect and screens them for what they are interested in before they are sent to you. Call today for more details.

Industry News


FINRA dished out 135mm in fines in 2014 up from 60mm in 2013 to FINRA regulated companies. In addition registered reps were issued fines of 52mm up significantly from the prior year.

Hot Rates

Athene Ascent

Athene is launching a new product on 3/16 called the Athene Ascent. The product offers a 3% premium bonus and competitive caps. In addition it offers an optional income rider that rolls up at 10% simple interest. Call today for rates and details.


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Marketing Corner – March 6th, 2015

Don’t Overlook Millennials

While they typically have no immediate retirement or financial planning needs—compared to say a pre-retiree—Millennials represent a significant emerging market for financial advisors and life insurance agents. Accessing this generation can be particularly difficult for a number of reasons and advisors are likely to focus on pre-retirees and boomers, taking in millennial clients as they come.

Here are some sensible and practical reasons advisors don’t pursue Millennials:

 They Have No Money

The average Millennial enters a choppy marketplace wearing the cement shoes of student debt. According PNC Financial the average Millennial is burdened with $45,000 in debt, most often in the form student financial obligations.

They Have No Jobs
Last year, Millennials represented 40% of unemployed workers, slightly greater than Generation X and nearly double than Baby Boomers.

They Have Different Values and Priorities Than The Last Generation
Their values and priorities are very different compared to their parents or grandparent’s generation. This can be a reflection of the marketplace they entered—it’s hard to prioritize owning a home and establishing a retirement plan when the job market is squeezed tight.


For most financial advisors this gives the impression that this generation is not worth the effort. How do you begin the financial planning process for someone that has significant debt exposure, unstable income, and differing values? Why would you want to?

The reality is that there is good opportunity with this generation. Millennials will comprise a large portion of the workforce in the next ten to fifteen years. As the economy and job market improves, this generation will move into more stable positions and be primed for financial planning.

So why not wait until this generation is ready? Well, time for one. A significant portion of Millennials essentially had a half-decade or more of early earning power scrubbed from them—a period that could have been used to effectively manage student debt loads. So even when this generation becomes stable they will still be carrying heavy financial burdens. They will have lost time and earning power.

Here’s why you should look at this market, now:

They still need you
Although Millennials don’t have an immediate need for financial services, they still have a strong planning need (whether the kids appreciate it or not). More importantly, now is the best time for them to begin to plot their financial future

They Are Positioned To Get The Most Out of Financial Plan
Because Millennials are roughly thirty or so years away from traditional retirement age, they are in the best position to save for retirement, from a timeframe standpoint.

Repeat Business
Becoming a trusted advisor for a young, upstart professional, can lead to repeat business as that client matures through their income life cycle. Solidifying a relationship early on will make you the go to resource for a Millennial client as they marry, have a child, or experience other life events.


Although Millennials can be a complex mess of financial concerns, their problem is a very simple and familiar one when it comes to retirement and financial planning: how to save when in debt. Or how to save with limited income. Essentially it’s the old savers vs. spenders model.

It may be difficult to allocate toward a retirement program when every dollar is pretty much spoken for, but Millennials, as with anybody starting a financial plan, can grasp the importance of saving. So how do you access this market? The same way you access any new client needing a financial plan.

Explain to a Millennial Prospect:

Pay Yourself First  Saving is just simply paying yourself first. It is as necessary as paying loans, credit cards, and utilities.

Manage Your Debt Appropriately – Although it is important to squash large debts as quickly as possible, it is important to establish a plan for when that debt is cleared, especially when time is a great compounding factor.

Be Consistent Even During Financial Instability – Regular contributions to savings accounts and retirement programs are what help consumers accumulate, even with a debt load.

Consumers Direct to You

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