Our Carriers

Being a truly independent FMO, Legacy Financial Partners is able to recommend the right product with the right carrier for the right situation regardless of that carrier’s affiliation. True financial independence allows Legacy Financial Partners the freedom to have an clear and honest perspective towards the carriers it’s licensed with, giving you the unbiased product recommendations you are looking for.

Legacy Financial Partners works with the highest rated carriers in the world, and so can you. We can provide you with the latest information and tools to maximize your business development opportunities with your clients. Knowing what carrier will work best with your overall business strategy makes Legacy Financial Partners your strongest asset in determining how to grow your company.

Carrier acquisition and mergers are a constant within the life insurance, annuity and LTC industry. Legacy Financial Partners is dedicated to informing it’s licensed agents of any merger or acquisition that would impact their business and their clients.

All of Legacy Financial Partners are reviewed and approved to meet stringent industry  ratings standards. We also update our ratings database to provide our licensed agents the most recent rating reviews of our carriers so they can convey that information to their clients.

Legacy Financial Partners is continually searching for new carrier options to strengthen our portfolio of vendors and to offer varying alternatives when choosing a corporate partner to work with. Don’t see a carrier on our list? Contact Legacy Financial Partners to find out what options are available for you.

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