Tuesday Tips – April 25th, 2017


LMG Income Rider

Legacy Marketing Group has announced changes to the Income Freedom Rider on the F&G suite of products. In general payout factors will be increasing for older ages and reducing for younger ages. Changes will take affect May 19th and in order to receive the current rates applications must be at the home office by May 18th. Call today for additional details.

F&G Rate Special

There are still a few days left to take advantage of F&G 3.10% 5 year MYGA rate special. The special will officially end on April 28, 2017 and the new rate will be 1.85%. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Beyond Capital Transfer

Life insurance can play a vital role as part of a financial plan. Cash value life insurance is often used as a way to generate supplemental income in retirement for a client. While many advisors are familiar with this LIRP concept there are a variety of other ways life insurance can be used to increase a client’s income in retirement. Our Beyond Capital Transfer guide takes an in depth look at various life insurance strategies that can increase income in retirement while also reducing the impact of taxation. Request your guide today.

Industry News

Emergency Fund

According to a recent study by the new York fed, about a third of consumers said they would have trouble coming up with $2,000.00 in the event of an emergency. What was most pronounced was that only 11% of those with a credit score over 760 would have trouble versus 64% of those with a credit score below 680.

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MTL Horizon Value Whole Life

Mutual Trust Life is a new insurance carrier that we’ve brought on. Their flagship product is the Horizon Value participating whole life policy. The product writes ages 0-75 and is designed to build competitive cash values with flexible access to the funds. The product offers a guaranteed minimum 4% interest rate and also offers a chronic illness rider. Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – April 18th, 2017


LMG Suitability Form

Legacy Marketing Group has updated the suitability form for the LibertyMark series of products for all states except for Florida. There is no transition period on the updated forms so they are to be used immediately. Call today for additional details.

F&G Product Updates

F&G has announced several changes to their product portfolio that will go in place May 8, 2017. The Safe Income Plus and Performance Pro will only be available for sale with the income benefit. In addition to this the Prosperity Elite series will be available with either the enhancement package or the protection package. The Index-Choice 10 will no longer be offered with the income benefit. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Beneficiary Reviews

Things always have a way of changing and whether it’s an existing client or a new prospect beneficiary reviews can be a great way to make sure that an individuals plan is on track and to uncover additional business. Call today to request a beneficiary review sales guide.

Industry News

Advisor Opportunity

A recent study by the MDRT found that only one out of five individuals have hired a financial advisor. The most common reason given for not having a financial advisor was that the individual thought they could manage their own finances.

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LFG Moneyguard II

Lincoln National’s Moneyguard II has gone through several updates and is a very competitive option for asset based LTC. The product will take either a single premium or flexible premiums for up to 25 years. The product offers a couples discount, inflation protection, and a ROP on lump sum options. In addition to this the product is simplified issue. Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – April 11th, 2017


Postponement of Product Changes

Several carriers had announced changes to their product portfolios leading up to the expected implementation of the Fiduciary rule on April 10th. A formal delay was announced last week and in response to that several carriers have delayed already announced changes. Call today to get a full breakdown from the carriers.

North American Rate Decrease

North American reduced rates on the Guarantee Choice series and Charter Plus 14 effective 4/10/17. Call today for an updated rate sheet.

Sales Concept

Legacy RMD Customizer

Legacy has recently introduced a new calculator that illustrates the impact of RMD’s on qualified funds in order to help clients understand the income they will receive in retirement and the legacy they can pass on. Call today to get a quote.

Industry News

Human Advisors

In a recent poll 70% of investors stated that while they like the convenience of technology for investing they still wanted to be able to speak with an adviser.

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Ascent Accumulator 10

Athene’s Ascent Accumulatro 10 is a 10 year FIA designed for max accumulation. The product offers annual point to point caps on the S&P as high as 6.25% and offers a participation rate strategy with a 155% par rate on the BNP Paribas Multi Asset index. The product also offers a fixed interest rate of 2.95% and an optional income rider that rolls up at 8% simple interest. Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – April 4th, 2017


North American Delivery Requirements

North American has announced changes to its life insurance delivery requirement process.  Effective immediately anytime a new application or additional form is being obtained on delivery a new policy must be issued.  North American will no longer issue an amendment.  In addition to this anytime a policy is delivered and the check or eft form comes back with a name different than the listed payor a new policy will need to be potentially issued.  For example if a client owns a business and submits a business check instead of a personal.  Call today for additional clarification.

Reminder Equitrust Annuity Update

Effective April 10th Equitrust will require a new product disclosure on all annuity sales.  The reason for the updated disclosure is that Equitrust has added a terminal illness rider to all products.  Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Retirement Safety Net

Everyone wants to have a comfortable retirement and unfortunately on the path to retirement there are a number of factors that can derail an individuals retirement plan.   Things such as death, disability, and LTC needs can be devastating to a family as well as to a retirement plan.  Cash value life insurance with LTC/chronic illness and WOP riders can be an effective mitigation tool for these risks.  In the event of an LTC scenario the death benefit can be advanced to help with costs, in the event of disability the policy will continue to fund ensuring that there is a retirement nest egg when disability benefits stop, and in the event of death instead of the beneficiaries just receiving their account dollar for dollar they receive an inflated tax free death benefit.  Call today for additional details.

Industry News

Annuity Premium Down In 2016

A recent report indicates that the top 25 largest annuity providers took in $253 billion in 2016.  That number is down 4.1% from the 2015 total.

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Settlers Life Final Expense

Settlers Life offers a competitive suite of final expense products and beginning April 3rd will offer a new ExpressApp process.  Instead of doing an E app or paper application you simply determine what product is a fit for the client, call settlers life, and they will complete the application over the phone and approve the client within 20 minutes.  This updated process means the application is always in good order and policies are issued more quickly meaning the client has coverage sooner and you get paid quicker.  Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – March 27th, 2017


Commission Bonus Extended

Global Atlantic has extended their 1% commission bonus to 4/30/17.  Products eligible for the bonus are: Choice Income FIA, Income 150+ FIA, Income 125+ FIA, Index Bonus 115 FIA, ForeSpending Select FIA.  Call today for additional details.

North American Rate Increase

North American has announced a rate increase that will take effect March 28th.  Call today to get an updated rate report.

Sales Concept

Sequence Of Returns

Most advisors are aware of the impact that the sequence of market returns can have on a retirement income stream.  There are a variety of ways to help mitigate this risk and one options that many advisors might not be aware of is life insurance.  Cash value inside of a life insurance policy can be used tapped during down years to avoid selling into losses.  Call today to request a complimentary guide on how this strategy works.

Industry News

Debt Issues

In a recent survey by Lincoln Financial Group 48% of millennials stated debt as their top financial concern.  Specifically student loan debt was the biggest concern.

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Guggenheim Highlander FIA

Guggenheim has added a new FIA to their portfolio.  The Highlander FIA is a 10 year product with a 4% premium bonus.  In addition to this the product offers competitive caps with the annual pt to pt S&P cap at 5% with a 2.5% fixed rate.  The product also offers an optional income rider as well as a nursing home rider.  Call today for details.

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Tuesday Tips – March 21st, 2017


New Carriers

Legacy Financial Partners has added Lafayette Life and Mutual Trust Life to its portfolio of products. Both carriers offer competitive participating whole life products designed for accumulation. Call today for additional details.

One America Product Changes

Effective April 10th One America will be discontinuing their ImmediateCare Plus product. In addition to this depending on when/if the DOL Fiduciary Rule goes into effect One America will no longer accept qualified funds for sales of the Annuity Care, indexed Annuity Care, and Legacy Care products.

Sales Concept

Business Owners

Most small business owners are aware that there are a number of retirement options for themselves and their employees. Most, however aren’t aware of what specific plans are available and more importantly what plans fit with their company. Available for download is a plan comparison chart that discusses the most common types of retirement plans for companies.

Industry News

Fed Raises Rates

The Federal Reserve raised rates .25% increasing the federal reserve rate to 1%. It is projected the Fed will raise rates two more times this year depending on how the economy performs.

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Equitrust WealthHorizon Life

Equitrust’s newest addition to their life offerings is a competitive, single premium, simplified issue IUL. The product offers a variety of index options including an annual S&P pt to pt cap of 12% and a fixed interest account of 5%. The product also offers a free chronic illness rider and competitive commissions. Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – March 14th, 2017


Equitrust Promotion

Equitrust’s March Madness promotion runs through the end of March and qualifying agents can earn an additional $500.00 for each annuity sale of $50,000.00. Call today for additional details.

Allianz Accelerated Underwriting

Allianz has launched their life insurance E App and in addition to this have also introduced accelerated underwriting. Individuals ages 25-60 purchasing 1mm or less of death benefit are eligible to just complete a phone history interview and based on the results can qualify for up to preferred best rates or move to full underwriting. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Income Gap

Identifying whether or not a prospect has an income gap in retirement is a critical part of the planning process. Available for download is a straightforward guide that discusses what an income gap is and whether the prospect has one. This informative guide can act as a roadmap for the planning process.

Industry News

Future of ACA

A republican version of the Affordable Care Act has been submitted and currently being reviewed. While it remains to be seen what will happen the updated version was met with mixed reviews.

Hot Rates

Sagicor Fixed Index Whole Life

Sagicor offers a competitive single premium life product. The product is simplified issue and offers an initial 10% premium bonus with a return of premium. In addition to this it offers multiple crediting strategies with annual point to point caps as high as 7%. Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – March 7th, 2017


Allianz Raising Rates

Effective March 7th rates are increasing on Allianz’s Life Pro + IUL.  In addition to raising rates Allianz is also eliminating the 1% interest bonus cap and applying the change retroactively to policies dated May 24, 2016 forward.  Call today for additional details.

Equitrust Updated Forms

Effective March 15th Equitrust will require a new source of funds form for all life insurance sales.  The form has been posted to the website and is available currently.

Sales Concept

Post Mortem 1035

PLR 201330016 addresses contract options for inherited IRA’s.  Specifically it found that the beneficiary of a nonqualified annuity became the new owner thus allowing the new owner to 1035 the annuity into a new contract.  For clients looking for an income stream and concerned about taxation can now 1035 the funds into a spia with an exclusion ratio thus spreading their tax liability over a longer time frame.  Call today to request a guide on this concept.

Industry News

DOL Delay

The DOL has recommended a 60 day delay for the implementation of the Fiduciary Rule.  There is a 15 day comment period that started March 2nd in regard to the delay as well the scope of what should be delayed.  At the end of the comment period all comments will be reviewed prior to the official delay.

Hot Rates

Protective Advantage Choice UL

Protective’s Advantage Choice UL is a very competitively priced GUL that offers a variety of customization options.  The product offers an IPO rider that allows the death benefit to be paid out over various time periods thus reducing the cost.  In addition to this the product allows for multiple death benefit guarantee periods and also offers the ExtendCare rider to cover a LTC situation.  Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – February 28th, 2017


Prudential Reprice

Prudential is repricing their UL Protector. New rates take effect March 6th, in addition to this rates on the Term Essential product line were adjusted 2/27/17. Call today for additional details.

Sagicor Sales Incentive

Sagicor has announced a 3 day sales incentive for March 1st-March 3rd on Sage Choice SPDA applications. Writing agents will receive an additional .50bps commission on applications submitted during this window. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Trust Review

An important question to ask any client you meet with is whether they currently have a will or any trusts. Not only do they give you insight into what the clients goals are but, they also factor into the overall plan that you are putting in place for the client. Available for download is a straightforward guide that discusses the most common types of trusts.

Industry News

AG 49 Guidelines

Beginning March 31st maximum illustrated rates on inforce indexed universal life will be adjusted to comply with actuarial guideline 49. Prior to AG 49 inforce illustrations could be illustrated at current rates but going forward the maximum illustrated rate will be the AG 49 rate.

Hot Rates

Minnesota Life Orion IUL

Minnesota recently introduced the Orion IUL to their product portfolio. The product offers a variety of indexing options including capped and participation rate strategies in multiple index options. In addition to this the product offers numerous riders including chronic illness, high early cash values, and the income protection flex agreement. Call for additional details and state availability.

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Tuesday Tips – February 21st, 2017


National Western Bonus Incentive

National Western is currently offering a 1% commission bonus on all applications received until March 15th. SPIA’s and the Prevail Seven are excluded from the promotion. Call today for rates and state availability.

Allianz Life Sunsetting Products

Allianz has announced that they will be discontinuing sales of the Masterdex X and Endurance Plus annuities. The discontinuation goes into effect March 31st.

Sales Concept

Tax Offset

Qualified assets are taxable to a beneficiary. One way to ease the burden is to implement a tax offset strategy through the use of life insurance. By solving for the projected IRA balance at transfer a life insurance policy can be purchased equal to that amount in order to pay the income tax on the transfer. Now the tax bill can be paid for pennies on the dollar instead of dollar for dollar. Available for download is a guide on this strategy.

Industry News

Humana Aetna Merger No More

After a federal judge blocked the proposed merger of Humana and Aetna they have announced that they will not proceed with trying to complete the merger.

Hot rates

LSW Flexlife II

LSW’s Flexlife II is a competitive IUL designed for accumulation. The product has S&P annual point to point caps as high as 12.50% along with several other index options. In addition to this the product offers simplified underwriting as well as free chronic illness riders. Call today for additional details.

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