Five Reasons Advisors Should Use Facebook

Marketing Corner – Thursday May 25th, 2017

In the thirteen years or so years since its creation, Facebook has developed from a social connection tool to a digital giant, encompassing more than just status updates and friend requests. Now it is a hub for an endless stream of information, social sharing, commerce, and advertising. Even as Facebook has grown, many businesses—especially financial advisors—have looked at the platform with skepticism. Is it relevant for my business, you may be asking yourself. Just a few years ago, our attitude may have been that Facebook can’t hurt an advisor’s business, but it’s not the most important marketing activity. But now, a business page and Facebook activity are essential for advisors. Here are five reasons why.

Boomers Are There

Surveying social media usage, the Pew Research Center found that Facebook was the most used platform for those aged 50-64 and those aged 65 and older. While this usage tracks with other age divisions, the difference from Facebook to other platforms is greater with those 50-64 and 65 and older than other ages. This suggests that while overall, on average, all generations use Facebook more than other platforms, Facebook is more relevant to older Americans.

Another Place To Leverage Content

A good content strategy can help you connect with consumers, boost your SEO ranking, and keep you in the minds of your client base. Facebook gives you a direct way to do this. In addition to distributing content through email newsletters, blog posts, and other social media platforms, cross-post on Facebook. Adapt pieces for the layout and features Facebook provides.

Affordable And Effective Digital Marketing Opportunities

All digital marketing has a learning curve, and Facebook’s Ad Manager is no different. But the sometimes confusing and tricky platform provides a relatively affordable option for marketing your services and boosting your content. With extremely detailed audience filters, you can target a wide range of demographics.

A Well-Rounded Business Page Helps With Consumer Confidence

Your business Facebook page may be the first thing consumers see relating your business. Or they may be driven to there when doing research about your services. A fully-fleshed out page, with good visual elements, recent posts, and complete business profile information can signal to consumers that you are trustworthy and legitimate. Avoid low-res images and out-of-date information.

Done Properly, Facebook Activity Doesn’t Take Much Time 

Advisors often think that a good digital outlay will consume a great deal of time. While you should regularly commit some time for social media activity and content strategy, once you have learned the lay of land, so to speak, the time you spend should become minimal. And the best part? Aside from display ads and boosted posts, it’s free.

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