Life Insurance Marketing Tips: Top 3 Social Platforms For College Grads

In many ways, Life Insurance Awareness Month couldn’t come at a better time. With diplomas in hand, thousands of recent college graduates are entering, or have already entered, the workforce. This transitional period leaves consumers the largest and soon-to-be wealthiest demographics – Millennials– who could benefit from a life insurance policy. Obviously, this is an opportunity agents and advisors should not overlook.

For many young consumers, shifting from college to the real world will bring about a series of “firsts” in life. Their first career, first home, first (and hopefully only) marriage, or even their first-born child. Each of these are reasons for their first life insurance policy. This is a standard talking point for most qualified Millennial prospects in your marketing funnel. But first, you need to capture their attention. Consider the following tips to boost Millennial engagement.


While younger consumers are spending less time on Facebook, they have far from abandoned the platform. Recent data from Pew Internet Research shows that 84% of consumers aged 25 – 29 years old (the typical age range for recent grads and young families), and 79% of 30-somethings are regular Facebook users. Your Facebook ad/post should center around a visually enticing image that includes concise, yet compelling content. Be sure to include your call-to-action and link in the caption. If you have the resources, use a short video in place of the image. According to Hubspot, the use of video as a digital marketing tool is skyrocketing. In 2017, 63% of marketers were using videos. Today, that number has jumped to 87%, with 83% saying video results in good ROI.


The younger, more visually focused cousin to Facebook, Instagram is extremely popular with younger consumers. The platform now allows you to set up a business account, sponsor posts, and easily craft top-notch image-based posts (a necessity for Instagram users). Instagram also gives you several options when creating your ad/post. These include video, carousel/dynamic ads, and stories; all of which can be great ways to engage consumers. Another cool feature about Instagram is the ability to reach users without an account of your own. Facebook’s ad manager now comes with the option to deliver a sponsored post to a customized audience of Instagram users, giving you the ability to kill two birds with one stone.


It’s a safe bet that recent college grads and professionals who are still in the early stages of their career are going to spend some time on LinkedIn. However, marketing on LinkedIn is quite a bit different than Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn marketers should focus on posting in-depth and actionable content. This includes sharing relevant news articles, original blog posts, and long-form content. While you’ll pay more, LinkedIn’s ad targeting system is much more robust than Facebook and allows you to create an audience of highly qualified and professional prospects.

For a look at how to best leverage your social media marketing, read “Using Social Media During Life Insurance Awareness Month

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