Marketing Corner – 5 Body Language Tips for Keeping a Prospect Interested

Marketing Corner – Thursday October 13th, 2016

5 Body Language Tips for Keeping a Prospect Interested

Body language and non-verbal communication is as important to landing a sale as the persuasive string of words you issue to a prospect. Last week we discussed seven redflags that indicate you are losing your prospect and this week we wanted to discuss key body language tips that advisors should know. While many of these may seem common sense, it’s important to reiterate their simple power.

eyecontactBalance Eye Contact

Eye contact is a signal that you are speaking directly to the prospect or listening closely to the information they are providing. However, too much eye contact can be as bad as too little. This is because the connection can become forced, awkward, and unnatural. Many sales people are taught the importance of eye contact, however, many take this to an extreme. The better approach is to make deliberate eye contact to emphasize or underscore key points.

Balance Gestures

Gestures can be used to physically draw a prospect’s attention into the points you are making. Most people gesture without really thinking too much about it; hands rise when discussing positive movements, hands lower when discussing decreases, etc. Gestures are often used for emphasis or to break up long periods of speaking. As with eye contact, it’s best to have a natural balance. Too many gestures, and you’ll distract the prospect and come across as hesitant. Too little, and your points are denied opportunities for emphasis and you’ll come across as stiff.

positiveKeep Your Body Open, Facing The Prospect As Much As Possible

A hunched-over or closed off posture can signal many things, such as rejection, coldness, or disinterest. Likewise turning away from the prospect, even turning your back for a moment, can take them out of the spell of the appointment.

Maintain a Positive Posture Without Being Intimidating or Too Confident

What’s a positive posture? For advisors with different personalities and presentation styles this will vary. But generally a strong posture will be straight, a little loose, and comfortable. The idea is to project confidence without looming or being too dominant. Confident people sell confidently, but confidence, like eye contact, can be hammered too hard. The trick is to present yourself comfortable, assured, and friendly. You already own your space—you don’t need to assert your power.

nervousDon’t Fiddle

We all do it, even when we aren’t bored or disinterested. But fiddling, like swirling a pen around or playing with a piece of paper, can come across as dismissive and unsympathetic, especially if your audience is a pre-retiree discussing their retirement fears. Likewise, if you are presenting information, fiddling can severely undercut the power of your message.

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