Marketing Corner – 5 Reasons Your Website Is Turning Away Consumers

Marketing Corner – Wednesday February 1st, 2017

5 Reasons Your Website Is Turning Away Consumers

You already know just how important a website is to your business. But most advisors, if they have a website, use it as a digital business card, and not a central hub to engage consumers. A good website works as both a passive and active marketing tool—consumers can stumble across your digital properties and get a sense of your value (passive) and they can be driven to the site by direct means such as content syndication, display advertising, and email marketing (active).

Think about websites that you visit—what inspires confidence in the services and expertise promised? What takes you, the advisor, from casual visitor to client? While you likely want to focus more on the activities that you are great at—engaging consumers face-to-face, belly-to-belly, in the field—you should appreciate how a good website is utterly critical for the success of your business.

Here are five reasons your website is turning away consumers.

You Don’t Have Fresh, Relevant Content

Every good website will have some element of a content marketing strategy. Consumers need to have a clear understanding of the services you provide and why you, off all firms, are right for them. But content should go beyond static product/services pages—there should be a pipeline of new, current content that gets placed on your site. This helps for a number of reasons. One, since fresh content is a ranking signal for many search engines, a regular stream of content can help with SEO, often with minimal effort. Two, it demonstrates your competency and expertise across many areas of financial planning. Three, related to the second point, relevant content across multiple topics opens you to a variety of consumers.

Your Website Is Poorly Designed

There are some areas of design that are subjective and tied to taste. However, your website should have some basics covered, such as:

• Logical root/page structure
• Pleasing (not distracting) color scheme
• Modern and professional fonts (no Papyrus, no Comic Sans, etc.)
• Clear and easy to read text (remember that many of your consumers are Boomers/Seniors)
• Responsiveness, meaning the site looks good on desktops as well as tablets and mobile devices
• Appropriately sized pictures, logos, and banners (not pixelated)
• Easy to find contact information

Your Website Is Too Salesy

A pinch of sales language isn’t a terrible thing to have on your website, but if your home page looks like a penny-saver ad for a used-car lot, you are going to turn off a lot of people seeking an experienced financial professional. Don’t be afraid to clearly and confidently state your value proposition, but be sure to back it up with friendly, professional, and educational content.

Your Website Lacks A Personal Touch

A personal touch can go a long way in separating you from your competitors and conveying a human approach to financial planning. Without going overboard (no one needs to see a thousand photos of your grandchild or dog) include photos/headshots of you and your family. Show your office. Incorporate visuals specific to your area.

Your Website is Outdated

Here “outdated” applies to a couple areas of your website.

Your bio/about us should reflect up to date information, meaning that if you have been in the business since 2002, and you state that your firm has nearly a decade’s worth of experience, you are missing some years that can lend greater credibility. If your content references policies and procedures that have been since updated, you will not be seen as a valuable resource.

Web Design
Outdated web design includes elements or styles that are no longer current (clip art, 90s era graphics, 90s era layout) and platforms and hosting that don’t match with modern web standards (responsiveness, back-end elements, etc.).

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