Marketing Corner – 5 Simple Things to Enhance Your Workshop Presentation

5 Simple Things to Enhance Your Workshop Presentation

Agents and advisors still rely on workshops or seminars for their marketing efforts for one reason: they can work. However, if you find yourself getting a lackluster response during and after your workshops, consider these tips.

Pepper In Jokes (Judiciously)

Humor can be tricky when dealing with a wide audience. What’s funny to you may not be funny to others; in fact, it could be off-putting. However, a handful of safe— even corny—jokes, can liven up a dry presentation.

Audience Participation

While a seminar is your chance to present information—in your style and voice—

an hour of one person talking will fatigue most people, even if the information is relevant. Keep your attendees active and engaged by lobbing out questions throughout your presentation. This can be in anticipation of the next slide’s information, as a pause between sections, or a check for knowledge.

Use A Co-Presenter

Not only can a co-presenter shoulder some of the work, it gives the audience another personality to latch on to. Definitely be clear on hierarchy—if you’re the principal presenter, do the work of a principal presenter. This co-presenter can also serve as a floater; eyes and ears throughout your presentation space. This can help corral attention forward.

Multiple Raffles

When organizing a workshop, many advisors will offer a raffle at the end of the session. This can be good to keep butts in a seat for an hour, but it doesn’t necessarily keep them engaged. Instead, offer two or three raffles throughout the presentation. This helps to build momentum for your session and serves as a way to break up your information.

Use A Variety of Media

Ah, the old trusty PowerPoint—a reliable way to present information to a large group of people. Most PowerPoints stick to a steady rhythm of bullet points, blocks of text, and maybe a few charts or images. You can enhance your seminar by using different media, whether it’s more illustrative charts and graphs, relevant videos clips, or easel pad/whiteboard drawing. The more you can mix things together, the more live you can make things, the more your audience will feel engaged.

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