Marketing Corner – Four Key Components of a Strong Digital Marketing Campaign

Marketing Corner – Wednesday February 15th, 2017

Four Key Components of a Strong Digital Marketing Campaign

As digital solutions become more and more relevant to financial advisors and agents, you may be interested in your own digital campaigns. This is especially true when you consider how many potential consumers (yes, even Baby Boomers) are engaged in a variety of digital media. From building an email pipeline, to marketing an upcoming event like a seminar, to drawing eyes to your base website, digital marketing campaigns can become a vital part of your business. Here are four components of a strong digital marketing campaign.

Eye-Catching Display Ads

Display ads are available on many digital platforms, such as Google (AdWords), Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. While the actual implementation of ads can be less than intuitive, these platforms generally offer inexpensive entry points for their display PPC campaigns. (We’ll discuss budget below). Your display ads should be eye-catching, relevant, and smooth-looking. There is certainly some difficulty in crafting effective display ads, given how little space you generally have to work with, which is why you may want to run two or three ad variations.

Other tips:

  • Facebook’s display ads will limit you to roughly 20% text in the image, with the idea that supporting text should be placed with the post for the ad.
  • When using AdWords, use three-four common ad sizes (i.e. full width, skyscraper)

A Good Marketing Budget

Many digital marketing solutions are low-cost or even free. You may incur some cost for subscription to a good email service manager or CRM. PPC campaigns will obviously involve some marketing spend. Usually, you’ll be able to set your budget as low or as high as you wish. But given that you bidding against other marketers, you should consider a healthy budget. Just like any budget, you are dealing with both money and time. A $100 spent over ten days will likely get you different results than $100 spent over one or two days. What will be the best budget for your campaign? That will all depend on your objectives and methods. Search campaigns, versus display ads, will often involve higher costs per clicks, since there may be more competition on specific intent keywords. You may wish to passively market, (what we often refer to as ambient marketing) with a low budget spread over a long period of time. You may wish to more aggressively market, with a higher spend in a shorter time (as is common for marketing events or seminars). Use the first few days of your campaign to evaluate and adjust.

A Great Landing Page

Last week we discussed five elements of a strong landing page. The point of a landing page is to provide consumers with a quick snapshot of your services, often built around a give or single topic. So make sure that the landing page incorporates appropriate web design best practices, has strong calls to action, and includes a form-submittal (since, in most cases, you are likely trying to capture consumer information to begin with).

Strong Digital Presence

While many digital campaigns will be built around the display ad to landing page to contact form model, your base website and social media profiles are still very important—especially if you link your base website or build the landing page within your company page. If a consumer is interested in your give—they did click on an ad to get your landing page after all—they will likely research other aspects of your digital presence. This means that your base website is clear, modern, and informative. This means that your social media profiles are claimed, with recent relevant posts and engagement. If your base website is outdated, you may want to overhaul it before committing yourself to a digital campaign. Likewise, if your social media is lacking (or non-existent) you may want to consider ramping up before a campaign.

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