We are pleased to offer this digital contract form submittal. This will make licensing and processing quick and easy.

We are pleased to offer this digital contract form submittal. This will make licensing and processing quick and easy.

To begin the process, click the link. This will take you to a registration page.

Click New User:


You will now begin the registration process. Provide your information.


After providing your SSN or Last Name or License State and License Number, you will be asked to give your date of birth in the MM/DD/YYYY format. Click NEXT


You will then be taken to the NEW USER ID screen. Provide your email address and phone number. Click NEXT.


Click next and you will see the Review and Confirm page. Verify the information is correct and then click NEXT.


You will see a notice that your account has been created and that an activation email has been issued to your email address.


Open your email and click on the activation email from SuranceBay. You should see a message with two links. The first link is the activation link. It is a one-time link to finish setting up your account. The second link is to access SuranceBay once you have created your password and finished registering.


Clicking on the one-time activation link takes you to a password screen. Create a password according to the parameters. Click CHANGE

PASSWORD to register the change.


Once you have selected a password, you will see a notice that your password was updated. Click OK.


You will then be brought to a page that asks you to login with your username and password. Login.


You should now see your SuranceBay home screen, with several icons that include My Info, My Appointments, My Preferences, and Help.


Select My Info. This should take you the first page of providing your information, the NIPR tab. Provide or change information as necessary. Once finished, click NEXT or the DBA tab.

On the DBA tab you will designate how you will be doing business. Select the appropriate options and then click NEXT or the QUESTIONS tab.


Answer the questions on the QUESTIONS tab. If you answer yes, you will be given an option to provide additional details and explanation documents. Once you are finished click NEXT or the LICENSES tab.


On the LICENSES tab, you should see your licenses listed. Click NEXT or the EFT tab.

On the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) tab, enter your banking information for compensation purposes.


Click the UPLOAD PERSONAL VOIDED CHECK button to upload a copy of a voided check. Click NEXT or the HISTORY tab to move forward once you are finished.


On the HISTORY tab you will be able to provide optional information regarding employment and address history. Click NEXT or the E & O tab to move forward.


On the E & O tab, On the E&O Page provide the relevant information. Upload your E & O certificate or provide the certificate number. Click NEXT or TRAINING once you are finished.


On the TRAINING Page indicate your training and honors. If you completed Anti-Money Laundering training through LIMRA, you will be able to connect this information to the system. If you completed Anti-Money Laundering training through another organization, you will be able to upload a copy of the certificate.

Once finished, click NEXT or the SCAN tab.


On the SCAN tab you will see relevant documents related to completing a contract form, some of which you have already provided so far in the process.

Here you can upload a signature page or create one online.

To upload, click the folder icon labeled UPLOAD SCANNED PDF.

To create a signature, click on the CAPTURE SIGNATURE button. Use your mouse to create a signature.

Review your documents and change as necessary.


Once you are finished, click the REQUEST APPOINTMENT button in the upper right-hand corner.


You should now see a page that will drive you through the process of requesting appointment.

On the CARRIER SELECTION page, find the carrier you are requesting appointment with. You can use the search function to search by name from the carrier list. Make sure you also select your REQUEST TYPE.


On the next page, indicate your LICENSED STATE and PRODUCT LINE.

After this you will find a page that, depending on the carrier, may have additional questions.


You may see a document copy of the contract application with the carrier. Review and confirm details.


After reviewing the contract, click CONFIRM in the upper right hand corner, and then APPLY SIGNATURE.


Once you have applied signature, you should see a SUCCESSFUL APPOINTMENT REQUEST notification.