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Premium finance can offer high-net-worth individuals the ability to borrow the premiums to pay for an insurance policy, allowing them the use of funds they might have otherwise used to pay for the insurance.

Premium financing makes sense when the interest rate on the loan is less than the insured could earn on the assets they would have liquidated to pay the premium, or when the interest rate on the loan is less than the policy is expected to earn. An individual may want to enter into a premium financing arrangement to obtain a lower out-of-pocket cost for a policy, to minimize gift tax concerns, and to keep from using cash flow or liquidating assets to pay insurance premiums.

We offer a variety of premium financing structures that address the concerns of a wide range of consumers. These include traditional estate conservation, business solutions, and income stream designs. While planning objectives, age, health, and net worth will affect what structure is used, we have solutions available for consumers ranging in age from 30-75 with a net worth as low as $2.5mm. Call us today to discuss your case.

Legacy Financial Partners has an extensive background working with both commercial and private premium finance structures, as well as a variety of advanced markets strategies. Our unique experience and relationships allow us to offer an advisor the most competitive loan rates, sound structures, and post sale support. Our rigorous and comprehensive approach to each case ensures that the advisor has the right solution for their client and the support they need to take it from it’s inception to completion.

Finding the right insurance company and securing the necessary financial and medical underwriting to place a case can often be a daunting task. Our unique experience and knowledge of how to position a case to an insurance company, coupled with our knowledge of what factors will influence underwriting, enable us to secure the very best offers from the carriers we are aligned with. Partner this with our ability to work with insurance companies to make business decisions on select cases, and you have the right recipe for a successful case.

Many advisors make the mistake of thinking their normal BGA or FMO is set to handle these types of cases. The reality is that if these marketing organizations do not work in the premium financing arena, the case can be doomed from the start. Lack of understanding about the underlying insurance structure, loan terms, and trust design can make a live case dead. Whether this is your case of a lifetime or you’re a seasoned professional, it is imperative to align yourself with an organization that has the carriers, relationships, and finance structures available to help you close the business.

Premium Financing Chart

Premium Financing is the use of loans to cover the cost of life insurance premiums, typically on a large scale. This can occur between individuals or companies with a large coverage need, and is typically used to free up the funds that would normally have been used for premium payments. Give us a call today to speak with one of our premium finance specialists to determine what structure is suitable for your client.

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Client Profile

Premium financing involves many factors, but typically is going to benefit individuals with significant estates and illiquid assets.

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Understanding Premium Financing

Although Premium financing may appeal to many individuals with significant estates, it can be a somewhat complicated structure with many concerns to consider. It is important to work with premium financing specialists who can assist you in the design and structure of the plan.

This guide details at great length, the benefits and drawbacks of premium financing, the ideal client profile, the different types of premium financing plans, and tax considerations.

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