Should You Manage Your Own Website?

A website is among the most valuable marketing tools an agent or advisor has at their disposal. As the “digital face” of your brand, this is typically where consumers will come to form their first impression of your business and the value you can provide. Because most people will only spend a couple of minutes browsing your pages before moving on, it’s vital that your site looks professional, is easy to navigate, and gives a clear overview of everything you offer. Anything less will likely be a bigger asset to your competition than to you.

There are three key ingredients that go into creating a well-designed website – time, effort, and money. The process usually starts when you take out the credit card to purchase a domain name and hosting services. Then come the hours you can spend and work that goes into crafting content, such as service overviews, your professional credentials, and general information about your business. Once that’s all covered, it’s time to put it all together and click publish. Simple enough, right? It is if you moonlight as a web designer, but most advisors are more focused on finances than they are coding and layout.

Sure, there are plenty of services available that provide cheap and easy ways to “get your website online in minutes.” As great as this sounds, these are often generic alternatives offering limited functionality and design options. The end result is usually a bland website that does little to set your site apart from others using these services. Today’s consumers value experience when visiting a website. First impressions are often based on the “wow factor” of your site. The actual content featured on your pages is secondary to the overall look and feel of the site.

Although drag-and-drop builders and templates have improved over the last couple of years, there are still a few things to consider before locking yourself into a long-term plan with one of these services. You want prospects to believe that you stand apart from other advisors, right? This starts with a website that promotes brand identity. In other words, if you don’t look any different than the competition, consumers won’t think you’re any different. Because many templates are built with specific businesses and industries in mind, chances are good that the advisor down the street is using the same one you just bought. And, because of service agreements, your site’s hosting, its content, and even its domain may be scuttled if you decide to go somewhere else. In short, even though you paid for your site and put effort into it, you do not truly own it. Many FMOs that provide marketing function this way as well.

Going back to the time factor, how many hours can you put each week toward your site? You have business to write, clients to meet with, prospects to engage, and a laundry list of administrative duties to keep up with. Most independent agents and advisors can’t afford to put things on hold to focus on maintenance and posting fresh content. And what happens if your site goes down? Can you stop everything in the middle of the day for a lengthy phone call with tech support?

Many independents have come to rely upon the services of a professional web developer. While this comes with added expenses, hiring a team to manage your online presence is often a worthwhile investment. This will not only provide you with a site that is customized to your brand and services, it will help keep things up-to-date and running smoothly. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about spending time building temporary landing pages when promoting a specific product or seminar.

For those working in the financial industry, it’s important to have a team that understands your business and services. Many web design firms cast a broad net and develop sites for a variety of different businesses. They might not have the insight needed to craft content tailor-made for your target market. For many, partnering with a quality FMO is the best solution, but again, this can come with locking an agent into service level agreements. This is why Legacy Financial Partners strives to provide top-tier digital and web services. Our creative team is able to create customized and fluent websites, that not only look and feel professional but include content made to engage prospects. And you own it. Beyond your website, our digital services include SEO, microsite design, social media, email campaigns, and more. Learn more about how we can help amplify your digital presence here.


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