Marketing Corner – March 24th, 2016

CD Replacement Month April 2016

A Short History of CD Replacement Months

You might know that April and October are CD replacement months. But do you know why? The history that lead to these sales opportunities is actually rather interesting and shows how economic events can ripple far ahead in time.

Nearly thirty years ago, on October 19, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped a whopping negative 22.61%–the index’s largest percentage drop. This event would become known as Black Monday and many thought this was the precursor to another Great Crash. While markets rebounded, there remained a great amount of volatility, with after-shocks and mini-crashes like the drop that happened on October 13, 1989.

Even though the economy has been beaten and torn since 1987 (Great Recession of 2008) the effects of Black Monday are still felt today. As markets tanked in 1987, consumers pulled out of exposed investments and transferred their money into Certificates of Deposits.

Hence October and April are now CD replacement months, with six-month and twelve-month CDs up for renewal. For some consumers, CDs can seem like a great option for their money—certainly they did in 1987. With guaranteed interest rates and FDIC backing, CDs seem like a relatively sturdy ship to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the market.

However, because of their low interest rates, CDs do not hedge against inflation well, when compared to other products, like certain annuities. This is especially true with long-range CDs that many consumers automatically renew out of habit. This means that some consumers may be losing real-world value that could be parlayed into another solution that works better against inflation and could provide lifetime income.

Obviously every consumer presents a different situation. For some, CDs may track well with their needs. Others may not even be aware that there are other options. However, what this means is that April and October are good opportunities for review, discussion, and product sales.

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Tuesday Tips – March 22nd, 2016


SBLI Spring Bonus

SBLI is currently running a sales contest through May 31. For every 5 applications with an annual premium of $500.00 an agent will earn an additional $500.00 of AMEX gift cards. Business has to be paid by July 22nd and agents can earn up to $5,000.00. Call today for additional details.

LSW Rate Increase

LSW has announced another round of rate increases on several additional competitive products. Call today for additional details and an updated rate guide.

Sales Opportunity

CD Renewal Month

April is CD Renewal Month. We have compiled a comprehensive sales kit that includes fact finders, sales presentations, and prospecting materials. Call today to request your complimentary kit.

Industry News

Genworth Settles Suit

Last week it was announced that Genworth Financial had settled a class action lawsuit for $219mm. The lawsuit alleged that Genworth Financial had made misrepresentations in regard to its LTC insurance business.

Hot Rates

Symetra GUL

Symetra offers a very competitive GUL as well as an extremely competitive SUL. The GUL product offers a return of premium option as well as a chronic illness rider. In addition to this the product offers tiered Preferred Pricing for different age bands and death benefit levels. The product also offers a rolling target and offers super preferred rate classes up to age 80. Call today for additional details.

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