Three Untapped Marketing Ideas for Producers


Drip email campaigns, direct mailers, seminars – these are among the most popular marketing strategies producers use to connect with new prospects. But it never hurts to branch out. Using a variety of tactics and content delivery platforms is the best way to enhance your overall strategy. Below are just a few untapped marketing ideas that you should consider incorporating into your plan.

Social Media Groups

A strong social media presence is a necessity for any small business owner. Many of you have probably already benefited from your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but might not be using these platforms to their full potential. Posting content regularly and allocating a portion of your budget for ads and targeted posts is a good start, but there is more you can do.

During his keynote speech at the 2019 F8 conference, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a more privacy future for the social network. The foundation of this new direction is said to be rooted in groups. Designed to bring people of similar interests together and increase the user’s exposure to meaningful content, more than 400 million Facebook users are a part of one or more groups. Current website and app redesigns are aimed at making access to these groups easier, making industry-relevant pages a potential goldmine for prospecting.

Joining and having an active hand in relevant Facebook groups expands your reach and connects you with new consumers. This could be as simple as sharing your Facebook posts in relevant groups or advertising your services in the Marketplace. You could also contribute to conversations started by other group members. LinkedIn also features groups that can be used similarily. If you’re willing to invest the time and effort, this can help showcase your expertise and make valuable connections.


Podcasting is an often-overlooked brand awareness vehicle. The medium has seen a significant increase in its audience over recent years. The following stats from Edison Research support this:

  • An estimated 62 million American consumers, roughly 22%, tune in to podcasts weekly.
  • 41% of monthly podcast listeners make more than $75k a year.
  • Listeners search for podcasts to:
    • Learn new things (74%).
    • Stay up to date with the latest topics (60%).

As you see, this is an increasingly popular platform with engaged listeners who come in thirsting for information. Wouldn’t you agree that the world of podcasting is worth exploring?

Creating a podcast is as simple as sitting down and having a conversation. You can purchase a basic podcast setup that includes a decent microphone, headphones, an audio interface, and basic recording software. Many podcasters will partner with a co-host who can contribute to the discussion. To keep things running smoothly, draft a script or list of talking points to follow during the conversation.

Client Appreciation Shoutouts

Holiday cards, thank you emails, and even the personal touch of a phone call can go a long way toward showing appreciation for your clients. They can also serve as a subtle nudge toward coming back in for a policy review or conversation about a new financial product. While your effort might put a grin on the client’s face, there’s another option that will undoubtedly leave an impression.

Celebrity shout-out videos have become wildly popular in recent years. These short, personalized video messages from athletes, actors, musicians, and other personalities are good for any occasion. Who wouldn’t appreciate a personal message from NFL legend Brett Favre or a cast member from The Office? Not only will the celeb mention your client by name, but make sure they know who sent the shout-out. This might sound a bit gimmicky, but when the client calls with an enthusiastic “thank you,” you’ll see how gimmicks can potentially pay off in the end.

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