Tuesday Tips – April 19th, 2016


Voya Dropping Rates

Voya will be lowering caps on several products and will be increasing spread rates on the volatility control strategy. The change is effective Wednesday April 20th. Call today to get an updated rate sheet.

North American Applications Reminder

This is a reminder North American has introduced new annuity applications. The old version of the applications will no longer be accepted after April 29, 2016. Call today to requested new applications.

Sales Opportunity

Policy Reviews

Most consumers who buy life insurance toss the policy in their document file and never look at it again assuming everything is fine and they are covered. This attitude can lead to big issues down the road as often times what a consumer thinks they bought isn’t what they bought or it’s not performing the way they thought it was supposed to. In addition to this life happens and the individuals who were named as beneficiaries at the time of the application might not be who the insured wants to be beneficiaries now. Doing policy reviews is a great non invasive way to add value and uncover new business. Call today to request a complimentary policy review guide.

Industry News

File and Suspend

Don’t forget that anyone who is age 66 or older has until April 29th to file and suspend their benefits. Beginning April 30th that option will no longer be available.

Hot Rates

Athene Ascent Pro

Athene has just introduced a new competitive FIA series. The product offers a very competitive 10% rollup for 10 years. In addition to this it offers a stacking income rider option with a guaranteed 6% rollup option stacked on top of 200% participation rate of the index. The product offers competitive caps as well as competitive bonuses on the accumulation value as well as the income account value. Call today for additional details.

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