Tuesday Tips – May 24th, 2016


Lincoln National Term Accel

Lincoln National has just introduced a new term product with streamlined underwriting. It writes ages 30-50 up to 500k in death benefit. In addition the client can qualify for preferred plus rates without lab work. Call today for additional details.

Life Pro + Version 7

The new Life Pro + version 7 officially launches today. The new version offers a convertible term rider, lower policy charges, and an enhanced persistency bonus to generate higher cash values. Call today to request a quote and get additional product details.

Sales Concept

Business Valuations

Most business owners have an idea in mind of what their business is worth. The reality is that the true number is always different. Talking to a business owner about doing a business valuation is a great non invasive value add that allows you to uncover additional planning opportunities that the business owner wasn’t aware of. We have multiple resources to provide complimentary business evaluations for your business owner clients. Call today for additional details.

Industry News

How Much To Save For Retirement

A recent study by New York Life found that 75% of people over age 40 don’t know how much of their retirement savings they can spend each year and not outlive their income. It also found that most Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement.

Hot Rates

Voya Quest Series

Voya has rolled out their Quest series of FIA’s. The Quest series offers 5, 7, and 10 year surrender period options with competitive caps and a 6% premium bonus on the 10 year product. The series also has a competitive optional income rider that rolls up at 6.5%. Call for additional details and state availability.

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