Tuesday Tips – April 11th, 2017


Postponement of Product Changes

Several carriers had announced changes to their product portfolios leading up to the expected implementation of the Fiduciary rule on April 10th. A formal delay was announced last week and in response to that several carriers have delayed already announced changes. Call today to get a full breakdown from the carriers.

North American Rate Decrease

North American reduced rates on the Guarantee Choice series and Charter Plus 14 effective 4/10/17. Call today for an updated rate sheet.

Sales Concept

Legacy RMD Customizer

Legacy has recently introduced a new calculator that illustrates the impact of RMD’s on qualified funds in order to help clients understand the income they will receive in retirement and the legacy they can pass on. Call today to get a quote.

Industry News

Human Advisors

In a recent poll 70% of investors stated that while they like the convenience of technology for investing they still wanted to be able to speak with an adviser.

Hot Rates

Ascent Accumulator 10

Athene’s Ascent Accumulatro 10 is a 10 year FIA designed for max accumulation. The product offers annual point to point caps on the S&P as high as 6.25% and offers a participation rate strategy with a 155% par rate on the BNP Paribas Multi Asset index. The product also offers a fixed interest rate of 2.95% and an optional income rider that rolls up at 8% simple interest. Call today for additional details.

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