Tuesday Tips – August 16th, 2016


Great American Rider Changes

Great American has announced they will require the purchase of an income rider with the contract effective September 12, 2016. As such the issue ages on the contract will now coincide with the issue ages of the available income riders.

F&G Introduces Death Benefit Rider

F&G has introduced a new death benefit rider available on the Retirement Pro FIA that has no explicit fee. The new rider will pay out a death benefit over a period of years based on issue age and is the lesser of the benefit base, 200% of net premium, or net premium at 10% annually. Call today for details.

Sales Concept

Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is right around the corner and that means life insurance awareness month. During the month of September there is a significant uptick in marketing and advertising around life insurance. This can be a great opportunity for some life insurance focused marketing. LFP has put together a complimentary life insurance marketing call to request your kit today.

Industry News

Household Debt

A recent study by the NY Fed found that debt reached $12.29 trillion in the second quarter of this year. This represents a $434 billion increase over last year year.

Hot Rates

Athene Ascent Pro 7

Athene’s Ascent Pro 7 is a short 7 year surrender FIA. The product offers 10% free withdrawals starting in year 2 as well as 2 income rider options. In addition the product offers competitive upside potential including an annual point to point cap of 4.25%, a 2 year uncapped strategy with 100% participation, and several other crediting options. Call today for details.

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