Tuesday Tips – August 26th, 2014


Athene Benefit 10 FIA Change
Effective September 15th Athene will discontinue the current version of the Benefit 10 fixed index annuity and will replace with a new version of the Benefit 10. Applications must be received in the home office by September 14th to get the old product. Call today for additional information and state approvals.

Labor Day Holiday
Legacy Financial Partners will be closed Monday September 1st in observance of the Labor Day holiday.

Sales Opportunity

Life Insurance Awareness Month
September is right around the corner and that means life insurance awareness month. During the month of September there is a lot of collateral marketing around life insurance and it can be a great opportunity to piggyback on that to generate some new life insurance prospects. We have compiled a comprehensive life insurance sales kit that includes client presentations, marketing materials, and fact finders. Call today to get your complimentary kit.

Industry News

Tax Revenues Hit Record High
Through July of this year tax revenues have hit $2.46 trillion. At the same time hitting this record high the government is running a $460 billion deficit.

Hot Rates

F&G Safe Income Plus FIA
F&G has introduced a new very competitive FIA. The product has some of the highest income payouts in the industry and incredibly high minimum guaranteed caps. In addition to this it offers an 8% bonus and very competitive comp. Call today to get rates, state approvals, and additional product information.

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