Tuesday Tips – December 13th, 2016


Metlife Sunsetting Products

Metlife has announced that they will be sunsetting the majority of their life insurance product portfolio effective February 3, 2017. After that point Brighthouse Financial will continue to offer the Premier Accumulator Universal Life product, level term for face amounts of $1mm and up, and one year renewable term. Call today for additional details.

California SB 924

The state of California has passed SB 924 which requires changes to be made to the surrender charge schedule as well as issue ages for certain FIA products. The rule goes in force January 1, 2017. Call us today to get an update on what products are changing and what products are being pulled.

Sales Concept

FIA Prospecting Email

Not every prospect is ready to move forward with the purchase of a FIA immediately. Likewise you might have a prospect that is interested in some other product such as life insurance or LTC but, you feel that a FIA could be another important planning tool for the prospect. A well crafted email or message can help to prime the pump to start the FIA discussion. Available for download are prospecting emails that can be used with a prospect or existing client to start the FIA conversation.

Industry News

Athene IPO

On Friday Athene Holding became a public company. The stock symbol is ATH and Athene’s IPO is the third largest of 2016. The initial offering raised $1.1 billion from 27mm class A shares.

Hot Rates

Protective Advantage Choice UL

Protective offers an incredibly competitively priced GUL. In addition to this the product allows you to dial the death benefit guarantee and gives you the option to decide how the death benefit pays out. In addition to this the products offers the Extendcare rider which will advance the death benefit in the event of a LTC event. The policy also pays itself up if the rider is triggered resulting in no more premium payments. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept Downloads

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