Tuesday Tips – December 15th, 2015


Allianz Applications

Allianz has updated all of their applications for all products. Beginning January 1, 2016 they will no longer accept old versions of the applications. The new applications are currently available on the Allianz website.

Voya Introduces Orange Pass

Voya has launched a new streamlined simplified underwriting process called Orange Pass. This new program is available for applicants ages 16-50 and up to $500k in death benefit. Qualifying applicants won’t have to do lab work or exams and the application also has fewer questions than a traditional application. Call today for additional details.

Sales Opportunity

Reliving Your First Year In The Business

As we come to the end of the year many advisors will reflect on the year and what they want next year to look like. Creating consistent growth year over year within your practice isn’t easy and many advisors find that their business growth consistently remains flat. We have compiled a list of the top contributors to stagnant growth along with potential solutions. Call today to request your guide or visit our website.

Industry News

AIG Advisor Group

AIG has announced that it is entertaining offers for it’s network of independent broker dealers. The move is another step by AIG to focus on it’s core services.

Hot Rates

Athene Performance Elite

Athene’s Performance Elite series offers 10 and 15 year surrender period. With 4% and 7% up front bonuses. In addition to this the products offer optional liquidity riders which bump the bonuses to 9% and 12%. In addition to this the products offer a variety of options including annual point to point caps as high as 6%. Call today for details and state availability.

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