Tuesday Tips – December 1st, 2015


North American Reminder

Reminder that North American is sunsetting multiple products and introducing a new income rider. Contact us today to get updated application forms and additional details.

F&G Interest Rate Enhancement

For a limited time F&G is offering a 3% rate on their 5 year MYGA. To qualify for this enhanced rate applications must be submitted electronically, it must be cash with application, and the minimum premium is $20k. Call for additional details and state availability.

Sales Opportunity

Personality Traits

Everyone has a different personality but when it comes to saving and investing most people will fall into a few categories. Understanding this and being able to identify someone’s personality trait is an important part of running an appointment. Knowing how to articulate your message or recommendation to each personality type can help close more business. Available for download is a great guide that discusses the different personality types and optimal words and phrasing that can be used to effectively articulate your message.

Industry News

Medicare Premiums

Increases in 2016 medicare premiums aren’t as much as projected. The monthly increase for 2016 is ranges from $23-$54 over monthly rates from 2015.

Hot Rates

Protective Custom Choice UL

Protective offers a highly competitive guaranteed universal product that offers flexibility and options. The product allows you to dial the guarantee to reduce pricing and also offers an Income Provider Option that allows you to reduce the pricing even further. It also offers a host of living benefits and a true LTC rider. Call today for details and state availability.

Sales Opportunity Downloads

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