Tuesday Tips – February 14th, 2017


North American California Products

North American has added several products to be available for sale in the state of California effective Tuesday February 14th. The rereleased products include RetireChoice 10, 14, IncomeChoice 10, Charter Plus 10, Guarantee Choice 3-5. Call today for additional details.

Allianz E Apps

Allianz’s E App, ApplyNow is now available for life insurance applications. E Apps must be completed on Allianz’s website. Call for additional details.

Sales Concept

1040 Overlay

Tax time is right around the corner and presents a great opportunity to help clients reduce taxation of income. While most accountants focus on how to reduce taxes in the current year there are a variety of products and strategies provided by advisors that can help with long term tax planning. LFP is making available 1040 overlays as well as a tax strategy guide that can be used to highlight areas of opportunity and strategies that can help a client reduce taxation on their income.

Industry News

DOL Moves to Delay Fiduciary Rule

The Department of Labor on Friday filed a notice with the OMB to delay implementation of the fiduciary rule. The move came in response to President Trump’s request that the rule be reevaluated. While the length of the delay hasn’t been announced it’s expected to be 180 days.

Hot Rates

Ascent Accumulator 5

Looking for a short term product with high upside potential? The Athene Ascent Accumulator 5 is a 5 year product with annual point to point caps in the S&P as high as 5.25%. In addition to this the product offers several index options including a participation rate strategy as high as 125%. The product also offers a fixed rate of 2.25% and writes to age 85. Call today for additional details.

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