Tuesday Tips – February 21st, 2017


National Western Bonus Incentive

National Western is currently offering a 1% commission bonus on all applications received until March 15th. SPIA’s and the Prevail Seven are excluded from the promotion. Call today for rates and state availability.

Allianz Life Sunsetting Products

Allianz has announced that they will be discontinuing sales of the Masterdex X and Endurance Plus annuities. The discontinuation goes into effect March 31st.

Sales Concept

Tax Offset

Qualified assets are taxable to a beneficiary. One way to ease the burden is to implement a tax offset strategy through the use of life insurance. By solving for the projected IRA balance at transfer a life insurance policy can be purchased equal to that amount in order to pay the income tax on the transfer. Now the tax bill can be paid for pennies on the dollar instead of dollar for dollar. Available for download is a guide on this strategy.

Industry News

Humana Aetna Merger No More

After a federal judge blocked the proposed merger of Humana and Aetna they have announced that they will not proceed with trying to complete the merger.

Hot rates

LSW Flexlife II

LSW’s Flexlife II is a competitive IUL designed for accumulation. The product has S&P annual point to point caps as high as 12.50% along with several other index options. In addition to this the product offers simplified underwriting as well as free chronic illness riders. Call today for additional details.

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