Tuesday Tips – February 6th, 2018


Great American Increases Rates

Great American has increased rates on the GreatFlex 6 fixed annuity as well as the SingleMax Ten FIA. The GreatFlex 6 rates are effective February 5th and the SingleMax Ten rates are effective retroactively to January 21st. Call for additional details.

Global Atlantic Increasing Rates

Effective February 5th Global Atlantic has increase rates on the SecureFore 3 fixed annuity and the Choice Accumulation FIA. Call today for an updated rate sheet.

Sales Concept

Customizable Term

Most term insurance is available in 5 year guarantee periods. AIG allows you to guarantee the term period by 1 year increments which means it can be customized to the clients needs. Available for download is an infographic that reflects the average cost of common expenses and the timeframes it takes to pay for them.

Industry News

Metlife SIFI Designation

During the financial meltdown in 2007-2008 Metlife was designated as a systematically important financial institution. Metlife fought and won to not have a SIFI designation. The FSOC appealed the decision but last week asked that the appeal be dropped.

Legacy LibertyMark FIA

Legacy’s LibertyMark series of products offers competitive options for accumulation as well as income. The LIbertyMark series offers both 7 and 10 year options with capped and uncapped options. In addition to this it offers a proprietary index from Morgan Stanley that has an average annualized return of 8.97% over the last 10 years. Call today for additional details and state availability.

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