Tuesday Tips – January 23rd, 2015


F&G Chargeback Change
F&G has announced a change to their chargeback policy that will take effect February 14th. Any policy issued on this date or later will now have a 2 year chargeback rule. 100% in the first policy year and 50% in the second policy year.

Equitrust Phone Number Change
Equitrust has changed the phone number for phone interviews on their life insurance policies. The new number is 855-699-3045.

Sales Opportunity

Money for Marketing
As the new year kicks off I wanted to remind everyone of a great marketing program through Legacy Marketing Group. Their Money For Marketing program will reimburse you back for marketing expenses. You just have to submit your marketing invoice and write 250k of annuity production within 90 days and Legacy will reimburse you an additional .25%. In addition to this you will also receive marketing dollars from Legacy Financial Partners. Call today for details.

Industry News

MetLife Designated As SIFI
MetLife has been designated as a systemically important financial institution. While many don’t like the mantra too big to fail MetLife agrees and has even threatened to go to court to remove the designation.

Hot Rates

Genworth FIA’s
While many of you think of Genworth for life insurance and LTC don’t overlook their FIA portfolio. They offer 5, 7, and 10 year options with competitive caps, bailout options, and competitive income riders. The 7 year product offers caps up to 5.2% and the 5 year product offers caps up to 4.2%. Call for details.

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