Tuesday Tips – January 24th, 2017


LMG Rate Adjustment

Legacy Marketing Group has announced rate adjustments to the LibertyMark product series that will take effect January 29.  Rates will be increasing on the Dow Jones Real Estate index but will be decreasing on the 2 year participation rate strategy.  Call today for additional details.

Lincoln National Rate Adjustment

Lincoln National has announced adjustments to 3 of their products.  Effective January 23rd rates have decreased on their term portfolio.  Effective February 13 rates will be increasing the LifeGuarantee SUL and effective march 15th caps will be decreasing on the IUL suite of products.  Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Creditor Protection

Life insurance and annuities can be great vehicles to accumulate cash.  In addition to this they can also be useful to shelter assets from creditors.  Every state has slightly different rules pertaining to what amount of cash value is sheltered from creditors so available for download is a comprehensive guide that has the specific rules for each state.

Industry News

Social Security Estimates

The Social Security Administration announced that it wouldn’t be mailing benefit estimates to workers younger than 60.  Thee SSA cited budget constraints as the reason and said that individuals younger than 60 can still log onto the SSA website to view their estimates.

Hot Rates

Athene Ascent Accumulator

Athene rolled out a new series of FIA’s last week called the Ascent Accumulator series.  5, 7, and 10 year options are available and the products boast competitive growth potential.  The 10 year product offers annual pt  to pt caps as high as 5.75%.  in addition to this the products offer an optional death benefit rider that rolls up at an 8% simple interest rate.  Call today for additional details and product availability.

Sales Concept Downloads

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