Tuesday Tips – July 12th, 2016


North American Rate Adjustment

North American has announced a rate decrease that will take affect July 19th.  In addition to this North American’s income rider will only be available on the RetireChoice in most states and not the additional product line.  Call today to request and updated rate sheet and rider availability chart.

Allianz Crediting Error

A couple of weeks ago Allianz announced that there was an internal error that overstated credited values on some clients that owned LifePro + iul policies.  Allianz has since announced that they have compiled a list of policyholders that either viewed the incorrect values on their website or received incorrect values via a policy statement.  You can contact allianz to see if any of your clients were impacted by this.

Sales Opportunity

Lead Magnets

Maybe people think of lead magnets in the context of digital marketing.  While this is where they are most prevalent they can also be applied easily and very inexpensively in more traditional formats.  For example  hanging a flyer in a golf clubhouse offering a round of golf for completing a financial review.  LFP has put together a complete guide with flyers and ideas call today to request.

Industry News

New FINRA Chief Executive

FINRA has announced Robert Cook will be replacing Richard Ketchum as chief executive of FINRA.  Most recently Mr. Cook was a partner at an international law firm and from 2010-2013 was a director of the division of trading and markets for the SEC.

Hot Rates

Banner Appcelerate Program

Banner has introduced an accelerated underwriting program for clients age 20-50 who are looking for a death benefit of 100k-500k.  The agent can complete an application and if the phone interview, mib, mvr, and prescription check come back ok the client is approved without a medical exam.  If not they go to traditional underwriting.  This program is a great way to get healthy clients coverage quicker with less hurdles.  Call today for details.

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