Tuesday Tips – July 14th, 2015


Voya Increasing Rates

Voya has announced another rate increase that takes effect this week.  Rate increases have been applied to all products and annual point to point caps up to 7.75% are available.  Call today for rates and state availability.

F&G Increasing Rates

F&G has announced that it will be increasing the vesting bonus on the Prosperity Elite 10 and 14 by 1%.  In addition to this the rollup rate will be increased by .25bps.  Call today for details and state availability.

Sales Opportunity

Consistent Referrals

There is no question that a referral or introduction will produce the best prospect.  The challenge is generating referrals on a consistent basis.  We have put together a referral guide that discusses best practices for obtaining referrals as well as a referral script.  It is available for download or you can call and request it.

Industry News

LTC Periods

In a recent survey the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance found that just under half of all consumers who purchase LTC select a 3 year benefit period.  This is an increase from 31% in 2012.  The main determining factor was trying to reduce premium cost as rates continue to increase.

Hot Rates

National Western Single premium

National Western has a very competitive single premium simplified issue indexed life product called the Lifetime Returns Select.  The product is designed for both accumulation and liquidity.  It boasts annual point to point caps up to 6.25% and offers 10% free withdrawals starting in year 2.  In addition to this it also provides additional liquidity for terminal or chronic illness.  Call today for details.

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