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ANICO Announces Updated Accelerated Underwriting Options

Xpress Plus is a new underwriting program that expedites the application process and saves your customers time and hassle by automating a portion of the underwriting process for applications submitted electronically.

When you submit an individual application that is within the parameters of the Xpress Plus program, exams are not automatically required. If an exam is required, you will be notified, either immediately or via ExpertOffice.

Click here for a guide that covers the accelerated underwriting options available.

Sales Concept

The Sandwich Generations and Retirement

North American has conducted a retirement study focused on the Baby Boomer and Generation X markets. There are a series of 3 white papers that will be made available, the first of which focuses on the lack of communication when it comes to retirement planning.

Despite the fact that older generations are becoming more and more reliant on younger generations to help support their retirements, they are not talking to each other much about retirement planning and expectations.

Click here for the first white paper that discusses this lack of communication amongst these generations which can help us to understand their minds sets about this extremely important topic.

Industry News

Social Security Trust Funds Post Higher Gain

The main Social Security trust funds did better in 2016 than in 2015, but they’re still on track to run dry in 2034, according to the fund trustees. The Social Security Administration uses two main trust funds to supply benefits: a retirement benefits trust fund called the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance fund, and Disability Insurance Trust fund.

Together, the funds produced a $35 billion gain in 2016 on $957.5 billion in revenue, compared with a $23 billion gain on $920 billion in revenue for 2015. The Social Security trust fund trustees have posted copies of the latest trust fund report and related documents here https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/TR/2017/

Hot Rates

F&G Guarantee Platinum 5

F&G currently has a very competitive rate on their 5-year multi year guarantee annuity. The rate is 3.1% for a limited time so this is a great opportunity for clients and prospects who are looking for short term vehicles with guaranteed returns that are much higher than CDs!  As a side note, all applications for this product must be submitted via As a side note, all applications for this product must be submitted via

As a side note, all applications for this product must be submitted via electronic application. Call today for a quote!

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