Tuesday Tips – July 5th, 2016


Rate Adjustments

With treasury rates continuing to drop several carriers have announced rate decreases for July on their annuity portfolios. Call today to get updated rates for all carriers.

Global Atlantic Update

Beginning today Global Atlantic will be launching a new 1035/Transfer form. For the time being Global Atlantic will still accept the older Forethought Version of the form and hasn’t set a date yet to fully transition from the old form.

Sales Opportunity

Behavioral Finance

Unfortunately for many consumers their decisions in regard to investing can be heavily influenced by emotion versus logic. One of the most frustrating things for an advisor is to make a sound recommendation only to have the client only implement part of the plan or do something different altogether. We’ve put together a powerful 1 page piece that illustrates the risk of making emotional decisions when it comes to investing. Call us today to request it.

Industry News

Genworth SIFI Designation Rescinded

The FSOC on Thursday rescinded GE Capital’s SIFI designation. One of the main contributing factors was GE’s decision to divest over $150 billion of its financial services business.

Hot Rates

Lincoln National Term

Lincoln National has recently rolled out their TermAccel level term product. This simplified application process uses an E app and doesn’t require any APS’s. The program is designed for prospects without a complex medical history that are 30-50 looking for 250k-500k of coverage. Lincoln also has available their fully underwritten LifeElements term plan which is highly competitive as well. Call today to get quotes.

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