Tuesday Tips – June 20th, 2017


North American Radio Ads

North American has launched a new radio spot platform with prerecorded ads.  Each ad can be customized to an individual producer.  Several ads have been created and range from life changing events to annuities and life insurance.  Call today to learn more

LFG Income Rider Change

Beginning July 1st the income edge rider won’t be available for sale with Lincoln New Directions 6 and Lincoln Covered Choice 5 FIA’s.

Sales Concept

Annuity Awareness Month

June is Annuity Awareness Month.  During the month of June there are numerous marketing campaigns discussing the benefits of annuities to consumers.  This can be a great opportunity to piggyback on some of this marketing.  We have put together an annuity marketing kit for the month of June that includes a variety of pieces discussing the benefits of annuities.  Request your copy today.

Industry News

Household Debt

Household borrowing has increased to a record 12.73 trillion.  In addition to this the percentage of household debt that is overdue has increased over the last two quarters.

Hot Rates

Prudential Prulife Essential UL

Prudential has introduced a new low cost current assumption universal life product.  The product offers daily interest crediting as well as death benefit guarantees to age 90.  The product also offers chronic and terminal illness riders as well.

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