Tuesday Tips – March 14th, 2017


Equitrust Promotion

Equitrust’s March Madness promotion runs through the end of March and qualifying agents can earn an additional $500.00 for each annuity sale of $50,000.00. Call today for additional details.

Allianz Accelerated Underwriting

Allianz has launched their life insurance E App and in addition to this have also introduced accelerated underwriting. Individuals ages 25-60 purchasing 1mm or less of death benefit are eligible to just complete a phone history interview and based on the results can qualify for up to preferred best rates or move to full underwriting. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Income Gap

Identifying whether or not a prospect has an income gap in retirement is a critical part of the planning process. Available for download is a straightforward guide that discusses what an income gap is and whether the prospect has one. This informative guide can act as a roadmap for the planning process.

Industry News

Future of ACA

A republican version of the Affordable Care Act has been submitted and currently being reviewed. While it remains to be seen what will happen the updated version was met with mixed reviews.

Hot Rates

Sagicor Fixed Index Whole Life

Sagicor offers a competitive single premium life product. The product is simplified issue and offers an initial 10% premium bonus with a return of premium. In addition to this it offers multiple crediting strategies with annual point to point caps as high as 7%. Call today for additional details.

Sales Downloads

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