Tuesday Tips – May 10th, 2016


Allianz Rolling Out New IUL
Allianz will be introducing version 7 of the Life Pro + IUL on May 24th. The new version has lower costs and increased growth potential as well as a new unique persistency bonus feature. The new version of this product should consistently be at the top of the list for cash accumulation and tax free income distribution. Call us today for additional details.

Athene Ascent
Athene’s new Ascent Pro is now available in all states except New York. This is one of the hottest products on the market for income today. Give us a call today to get a quote.

Sales Opportunity

Safe Money Bucket
Managing risk in retirement is a critical component of a sound retirement plan. On the other end of the spectrum being too conservative in retirement can cause a client to go broke slowly. Many clients use money market and CD accounts for funds that they need liquid just in case but might not use. SPIUL can be a great asset class to reposition these funds into. Many of the products offer a guaranteed return of premium, will earn a higher yield guaranteed than CD’s and Money Market accounts, offer chronic illness riders, and will transfer the assets in a much more tax efficient manner. Call today to request sales literature and a quote.

Industry News

Metlife To Suspend Disability Insurance
Metlife has announced that it will stop sales of individual disability insurance on September 1st of this year. The move comes as part of its effort to separate retail operations from the company.

Hot Rates

John Hancock Protection UL
John Hancock offers an incredibly competitive current assumption UL designed for wealth transfer. The product offers life expectancy death benefit guarantees, LTC riders, and the new Vitality Program. With the Vitality Program a client can get an additional discount on their life insurance just for living a healthy lifestyle. For your not so healthy clients John Hancock has very aggressive underwriting and also offers their health styles program which essentially acts as a table shave. Call today for additional details.

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