Tuesday Tips – May 12th, 2015


Voya Increasing Rates

Voya has announced a rate increase for several of their products effective May 13th. Call today for rates and state availability.

Great American Increasing Rates

Great American has increased rates on the American legend III and Safe Return indexed annuity. Call today for details and state availability.

Sales Opportunity

Overfunding Life Insurance

Max funding life insurance isn’t a new concept but discussing the strategy in simple terms with a potential client is key to making the sale. Available for download is a simple yellow pad concept with scripting that discusses the benefits of overfunding life insurance and taxation.

Industry News

PIMCO Hires Ben Bernanke

PIMCO has hired Ben Bernanke to help right the ship since Bill Gross’s exit. Since Gross left about $400 billion has walked out the door. Whether choosing Bernanke was a wise choice remains to be seen.

Hot Rates

Genworth SecureLiving Growth +

Genworth recently introduced a new product called the SecureLiving Growth +. This competitive product is on a 10 year chassis and is designed for accumulation and competitive income. The product offers a 50% interest credit bonus while the product is in deferral and it offers both level and increasing income options.

Sales Opportunity Downloads

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