Tuesday Tips – May 30th, 2017


DOL Webinar 6/1

Legacy Financial Partners will be holding a webinar on June 1st at 10:00am cst to discuss how business will change after June 9th. We will be discussing how to comply with the rule, adjustments to sales process, and what additional forms will have to be filed. In addition to this we will provide a DOL compliance guide. If you sell FIA’s or life insurance that is funded by qualified funds this is a can’t miss webinar.

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Athene Product Distribution

Athene will be pulling the Ascent Accumulator and Ascent Pro 7 and 10 FIA series from the independent IMO channel effective June 12th. Applications for these products but be in to Athene by 4 pm cst on June 9th. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Life Insurance As A Contingency Bucket

As an individual enters retirement it is important to have a nest egg to live off in retirement. It is equally important to make sure that the retirement bucket is protected through the use of a contingency bucket. The contingency bucket is designed to make sure that unexpected life events don’t cause the consumer to liquidate their retirement bucket too quickly. Cash value life insurance with living benefits can be a great solution for the contingency bucket. If an ltc situation occurs the death benefit can be advanced. If there is a critical illness several products are available for death benefit advancement as well, and if nothing happens the client can let the death benefit pay out when they pass or access the cash value. Call today for additional details.

Industry News

Fidelity & Guaranty Life to be Acquired

It was announced last week that CF Corp has agreed to acquire F&G Life. The estimated value of the deal is $1.8 Billion.

Hot Rates

Equitrust WealthPay Life

The WealthPay Life product Is a Non Mec single premium life policy funded internally with a SPIA. The product offers terminal and chronic illness riders and is designed for accumulation. The product offers annual point to point caps as high as 9% and monthly point to point caps as high as 3%. Call today for additional details.

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