Tuesday Tips – November 28th, 2017


Great American Sunsetting Product

Great American has announced that it will be retiring the Safe Outlook FIA. Applications must be received by December 29th and funds must be received by Friday March 2, 2018.

AXA Conversion Options

AXA has announced for a limited time they will allow the addition of their LTC rider to term conversions. The term application must be purchased between September 15, 2017- March 31, 2018. When the client decides to convert the term plan they can add the LTC rider with limited underwriting. Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Stay Bonus

For many small businesses there is typically a small nucleus of employees that keep the company going in addition to the business owner. In the event that the business owner passes away a stay bonus can be a viable option to ensure that the succession plan works according to plan. Offering a stay bonus funded by life insurance ensures that key employees stay with the company in the event of the business owners death. Call today for additional details on how to implement this strategy.

Industry News

It’s Official

The Department of Labor released a final rule on Monday the 27th officially delaying the enforcement mechanisms of the Fiduciary Rule until July of 2019.

Hot Rates

F&G Retirement Pro

F&G’s Retirement Pro is a competitive 10 year product that offers a 7% premium bonus and is designed for income. This unique product offers a 14% annual pt to pt benefit base cap with no rider fee. In addition to this the product offers a Health Care Doubler and a fixed rate of 4.5%. Call today for additional details.

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