Tuesday Tips – October 18th, 2016


Allianz FIUL Promotion
Allianz has announced a sales promotion through the end of the year on placed business. The promotion applies to policies approved October 10, 2016 and after and are $10,000.00 of target or more. Once issued if the policy is in force within 15 calendar days Allianz will pay an additional $500.00 bonus on top of commission. In addition to this Allianz is running an additional promotion. Submit a life app of 5k of target or more through December 31, 2016 and place it in force by March 31, 2017 and receive a free high-capacity 3 port power charger. Call today for more details.

Year End Dates
Insurance carriers have begun rolling out year end dates for submitted and pending production. Call today to get a breakdown of year and dates for your business.

Sales Concept

Estate Planning Mistakes
Many individuals when they think of an estate plan think that it only high net worth individuals need one. The reality is that an estate plan applies to anyone who has assets or property that will be transferred to someone else. What this means is that many people make common mistakes in regard to their estate. It also means there are a lot of planning opportunities for advisors. Available for download is a guide that discusses 10 common estate planning mistakes individuals make and how to fix them.

Industry News

Wells Fargo Class Action
Customers who try to file a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo may find it difficult to get a court to hear the case. This is due to a mandatory arbitration clause that protects banks from class action suits and instead requires private arbitration.

Hot Rates

Lincoln WealthAdvantage IUL
The WealthAdvantage IUL is a low cost FIUL that offers accumulation with death benefit guarantees. In addition to this they offer a table shave down to a table 3. The product offers multiple index options with caps as high as 10%. Call today for additional details.

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