Tuesday Tips – October 7th, 2014


F&G Commission Bonus
F&G’s summer commission bonus on select indexed annuity products is getting ready to end. Current products that are available for a commission bonus are the FG AccumulatorPlus 10 & 14, Performance Pro, Prosperity Elite 7, 10, 14, and Simplicity Elite 7, 10, and 14. Policies must be issued with an effective date of October 20th or sooner. Anything after that will not have the .50bps commission bonus.

North American New Application
North American has updated their annuity applications. The current version will be accepted until November 26th after that date the old version of the application won’t be accepted. Give us a call today to have the updated application sent out to you.

Sales Opportunity

Managing Expectations
Most consumers have a vision of what they want retirement to look like. Many believe that if they just work hard and save then everything will be ok. The reality is in stark contrast to this vision. As the old adage goes people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan and most individuals visions of retirement don’t match up to the assets they’ve accumulated. Fortunately, most individuals when presented with this reality want to take the steps necessary to make their dream a reality. Attached is a great whitepaper that discusses how individuals view retirement and the realities of retirement.

Industry News

Mailings to Resume
The social security administration suspended mailings of benefits statements in 2011 as a cost saving procedure. Due to an overwhelming negative responsive mailings the decision has been made to resume mailings. Statements will be mailed every five years.

Hot Rates

Equitrust WealthMax Bonus Life
Equitrust’s WealthMax Bonus is an extremely competitive single premium life insurance policy. It credits interest based off of an index chassis and offers a very competitive upfront bonus of 12%. In addition to this the product is simplified issue and also offers a competitive chronic illness rider that can be used for home health care and nursing home care. Call for details or to request a quote.

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