Tuesday Tips – September 13th, 2016


LSW Announces Rate Change

LSW has announced they will be lowering rates on their suite of IUL products. The change will take affect 9/22/16. While rates are changing on several indices, S&P linked strategies with the exception of the SecurePlus Provider and Ultra EIUL. Call today for an updated rate sheet.

Sentinel Rate Change

Sentinel will be lowering rates on their 5 and 10 year MYGA products. Rates will be reduced 10bps and 5bps. The rate change goes into effect 9/15/16 and applications must be in house by 9/14/16.

Sales Concept

Tax Deductibility of Life Insurance

There are many uses for life insurance for a business owner. Whether for a buy sell, key man, or supplement income strategy life insurance can be a powerful tool. One area where there always seems to be a lot of questions is around when life insurance is deductible and when it isn’t for a business. Available for download this week is a clear guide as to when life insurance premiums are tax deductible for a business.

Industry News

IRS Tax Penalties

The IRS has introduced a rule designed to help individuals who don’t deposit funds between one qualified account to another within the 60 day window. The new rule will allow for waivers for certain circumstances such as a lost check or a death in the family.

Hot Rates

Equitrust Wealthmax Bonus

Equitrust’s single premium simplified issue IUL is an ideal product for dormant assets. The product provides a tax free death benefit, free chronic illness rider, and a guaranteed return of premium option. In addition to this it offers annual point to point caps as high as 9%. Call today for additional details.

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