Tuesday Tips – September 1st, 2015


Rate Adjustments
Several insurance carriers have adjusted rates both up and down effective today. Call today to get a full breakdown.

Actuarial Guideline 49 takes affect today. As many of you know this guideline will not impact what an indexed universal life insurance policy will yield but, it does put a maximum on what can be illustrated. To get a breakdown on the max illustrated rates for all life insurance companies give us a call today.

Sales Opportunity

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. We have put together a sales guide that includes prospecting materials, client presentations, and sales concepts. Call today to request your complimentary kit.

Industry News

LTC Decline Rates
According to a recent study nearly 40% of all traditional LTC applications are declined. Prescreening as well as exploring Life/LTC hybrid products can significantly reduce these percentages.

Hot Rates

Equitrust DynaMarc FIA
Equitrust has introduced the DynaMarc FIA. This product is on a 10 year chassis and offers 2 risk controlled indexes in addition to several other crediting options. It also offers a 10% premium bonus to the benefit base a offers a competitive stacking rollup with a 4% annual benefit base accumulation in addition to index gains. Call today for rates and state availability.

2015 Life Insurance Awareness Month

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