Tuesday Tips – September 20th, 2016


F&G Commission and Rate Decrease

F&G has announced that effective September 30th they will be lowering the commission on the Safe Income Plus.  In addition to this they have also announced that they will be dropping income rider rates on the Prosperity Elite, Accumulator Plus, Index-Choice 10, and Performance Pro effective October 8th.  Call today to request an updated rate guide.

North American Rate Change

North American has announced effective October 8th they will lowering caps on their suite of FIUL products.  In addition to this they will also be increasing costs on their Custom Guarantee UL and Guarantee Builder IUL.  Updated software reflecting the rate changes will be available September 27th.  Call today for additional details.

Sales Concept

Retirement Reality

A number of studies show that many consumers aren’t prepared for retirement.  Determining what you want retirement to look like and what assets you have available are key elements to developing a sound retirement plan.  Available for download is a 16 page consumer guide that can help a client determine what an ideal retirement looks like for them as well as discuss risks in retirement.

Industry News

Wells Fargo Fine

Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $185mm in fines due to thousands of employees creating over 2mm fake accounts since 2011.  Employees participating in the practice were motivated by sales goals and bonuses.  To date Wells Fargo has fired over five thousand employees involved in the practice.

Hot Rates

Allianz Life Pro+

The Life Pro + through Allianz Life is an incredibly competitive FIUL designed for accumulation.  The product offers caps as high as 16%, multiple index options, and a non guaranteed accumulation bonus.  In addition to this the product can take lump sums through its Premium Deposit Fund rider and also has a table shave down to a table 2.  Call today for additional details.

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