Tuesday Tips – September 23rd, 2014


Americo App Bonus
Americo is currently running a paid E-APP sales contest for their Eagle Premier final expense life policy. The contest runs through December 15th and pays an additional $50.00 for each paid application. Call today for details.

Athene Discontinuing Sales of MaxRate 5
Athene has announced it will be discontinuing sales of its MaxRate 5 fixed annuity effective October 3rd. Applications must be received in house by October 3rd and funds must be received by November 14th in order to get the product.

Sales Opportunity

Fill The Gap
We’re all familiar with the “Buy Term Invest the Difference,” strategy and while there is debate on whether this is a viable option using life insurance to fill the gap between expected investment performance and your current asset base can be an incredibly attractive solution. Using permanent life insurance can create even more leverage in that there is a guaranteed cash building component layered with the death benefit. For individuals looking for an option for their safe money, life insurance can provide competitive accumulation with tax advantaged access to the funds. I’ve attached a nice pdf that discusses this strategy. Give me a call today and we can discuss further.

Industry News

Head of Life Insurance Leaves AIG
Jay Wintrob, head of life insurance at AIG will be leaving the company. The announcement was made Thursday evening. While not much is known about why or where he will go. The decision was made after it was decided to eliminate AIG Life’s independent status.

Hot Rates

Voya Introduces New Products
Voya Financial has introduced two new indexed annuity products. The wealth builder series of annuity products are focused on accumulation and have extremely competitive caps. The products are available as of today, give us a call to check state availability and rates.

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