Tuesday Tips – October 20th, 2015


Equitrust Rate Change

Equitrust has announced a rate decrease on several FIA products. The rate change takes affect October 23rd and applications must be received at the carrier by October 23rd to receive current rates. Call today for additional details and the updated rate guide.

Athene Commission Special

There is still 2 weeks remaining for Athene’s 1% commission special on the Target Horizon 10 and 15 FIA’s. The contest runs through October 31st, call today for additional details.

Sales Opportunity

Power of Waiver of Premium

In the event a client becomes disabled not only is there an impact to their health but there is also a financial impact. Not only are there unplanned expenses but often times the client’s income goes down as well. This makes savings for things like retirement incredibly challenging. One potential solution to this is a cash value life insurance policy with a waiver of premium rider. In the event a client becomes disabled the insurance carrier will continue to fund the policy until retirement creating a tax free pool of money that can be used for supplemental retirement income.

Industry News

Social Security Increase

There will be no social security increase for next year. In addition medicare premiums will increase for top earners.

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Columbus IUL

If you’re selling indexed universal life insurance Columbus life’s Indexed Explorer Plus is a product to take a look at. The product offers multiple index options, chronic illness riders, and wil write down to $25,000.00 in face amount. In addition to this it offers a unique twist on the uncapped with a spread crediting strategy. Instead of applying the spread first and the client receiving all of the gains above that it applies the spread at a specified yield. So as an example the spread doesn’t kick in until after the product yields 8%. So if the market goes up 8% no spread is taken out. If the market goes up 13% then the client receives the 8%, the 4% spread is taken out above that and the client still receives the additional 1%. Call today for additional details and state availability.

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Tuesday Tips – October 13th, 2015


Legacy Commission Increase

Legacy Marketing Group for a limited time will be offering a .50bps commission bonus beginning October 15th. The commission bonus can be received on the AdvanceMark, LegendMark, and SpectraMark FIA’s. Call today for details and state availability.

National Western Rates

National Western has dropped rates on several of their indexed annuities. Call today for an updated rate guide and state availability.

Sales opportunity

Business Valuations

Business owners are an incredibly lucrative market. The challenge is differentiating yourself and getting in front of them. One great non invasive way to meet with a business owner is to offer a business valuation. Business owners always have an idea in their head of what they think their business is worth but it is always different than what the business is actually worth. This can be a great door opener for additional planning opportunities. We can do business valuations at no cost to your clients. Give us a call today to learn more.

Industry News

Securities Regulation

Looking at 2014 numbers about 25% of the enforcement actions taken by state regulators involved scams targeted at senior citizens.

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First To Die Survivorship Whole Life

Assurity has introduced a unique survivorship policy that pays a death benefit at the death of the first insured. The product writes to age 85 and will go down to as little as 10k in death benefit. Call today for additional details and state availability.

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Marketing Corner – October 8th, 2015

Critical Illness Awareness Month

In addition to being a CD renewal month, October is also critical illness awareness month, as designated by Assurity Life Insurance Company. While relatively new, the critical illness awareness month program reflects the growing importance (and concern) of critical illnesses.

A critical illness is a medical situation that has the potential to threaten life or the quality of life. This could be a condition such as a stroke, heart attack, or broken bone. Or it may be a lingering illness like cancer, kidney failure, or even a terminal condition. Critical illness insurance provides coverage in these situations to help pay medical costs and lost wages. Of course, what will be covered will depend on the specific policy.

Because of medical advances, many conditions that used to be fatal are now treatable, leading to an increase in critical illness conditions. According to the CDC, 3 out of 4 individuals over the age of 40 will experience a critical illness at some point in their lives.

The financial and quality of life impact of these conditions can be devastating. Health insurance and long-term care plans may cover some of the baseline expenses associated with these situations. However, medical insurance will still involve copayments and deductibles, which, depending on the condition, could still be extremely high. Many people may already know that medical expenses are the number one contributor to bankruptcies in America, but it might be shocking to know that, according to one study, 78 percent of these bankruptcies involved individuals with health insurance. LTC and disability coverage will likely not kick in until after a certain length of continuing illness or condition. This leaves a gap and a potentially damaging financial/health situation. Critical illness insurance provides coverage for this gap, issuing funds that could be used to help with medical expenses or replace lost income.

Since critical illness is becoming increasingly important to the population as a whole, critical illness insurance awareness month is a great opportunity to educate your clients and to provide another layer of protection. These types of policies are generally affordable and complement other means of protection, such as life, health, and wealth.

You may think that critical illness coverage is not a viable product to pursue, because of it’s general inexpensiveness and low production return for you. However, much like Medicare supplements, critical illness insurance can act as a door opener that allows you to address a client’s whole financial picture.

October is CD Renewal Month

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Tuesday Tips – October 6th, 2015


NACOLAH Inforce Rate Change
Effective October 5, 2015 there has been a rate adjustments to select non marketed IUL products.  The products affected are the Rapid Builder IUL2 and Guarantee Builder IUL2.  While caps have been adjusted participation rates remain unchanged.  Call today for additional details.

Lincoln National Product Discontinuation
Lincoln National has announced it is closing the Treasury Indexed UL Effective November 1, 2015.  Applications must be received by Lincoln National by October 30, 2015 to still purchase the product.  Call today for additional details.

Sales Opportunity

October is Critical Illness Awareness Month
October is critical illness awareness month.  Men have a 50% chance of developing a critical illness during their lifetime while women have a 33% chance.  With advances in medical technology more and more people are surviving critical illnesses but often are left with a significant amount of expenses and debt due to not being able to work during the critical illness.  Critical illness insurance can be a great solution for this and it can also be a great door opener to discuss other aspects of the clients financial plan.

Industry News

According to a recent survey by the New York Federal Reserve Bank on average the amount of credit card debt reported by consumers is 40% less than it actually is.  Furthermore the individuals most likely to underreport credit card debt are more affluent individuals.

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Simplified Issue With Mutual of Omaha
Mutual of Omaha has a complete suite of competitive simplified issue life insurance products.  Mutual of Omaha offers both term and guaranteed universal life insurance options up to $300,000 in face amount without an insurance exam.  In addition to this for older ages they offer a simplified issue final expense product that writes up to $40,000 in face amount and writes to age 85.  Call today for more details or to get quotes.

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Tuesday Tips – September 29th, 2015


American Equity Rate Increase

American Equity has raised rates on it’s choice series of indexed annuities. In addition to this they are decreasing the asset fee on the volatility control index. Call today for additional details and state approvals.

Legacy Decreases Rates

Legacy Marketing Group has decreased rates on the LibertyMark series of products. The rate decrease goes into effect September 29, 2015. Call today to get an updated rate grid.

Sales Opportunity

Executive Compensation

Whether it’s for the business owner or a key employee there are a number of planning solutions that can provide yields in a leveraged, tax advantaged manner. Often times advisors aren’t aware of all the planning strategies that are available for business owners. Available for download is an executive compensation guide that breaks down the most common business planning strategies and their advantages and disadvantages.

Industry News

Medicaid and Short Term Annuities

The third circuit court of appeals has ruled that short term annuities must be excluded from the transfer penalty in Medicaid planning. This ruling reverses a prior decision stating that funds transferred to an immediate annuity during the funding gap of Medicaid could still be subject to the transfer penalty.

Hot Rates

North American Charter Plus

North American has introduced the Charter Plus indexed annuity series today. The new series offers 10 and 14 surrender options with bonuses up to 7% and 10%. In addition to this they offer 6 competitive index options with competitive caps. The products also offer optional income riders for guaranteed lifetime income. Call today for additional details and state availability.

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Tuesday Tips – September 22nd, 2015


Forethought Rate Change

Effective October 5, 2015 the withdrawal rates on the Income 125+ and Income 150+ will be reducing. The withdrawal rates will be decreasing by .25% for the Income 125+ and .30% for the Income 150+ across all age bands. Applications must be received at the home office by October 2, 2015 to receive the old rates. Call today for additional details.

National Western Commission Bonus

National Western has extended their 1% commission bonus through the end of the month. Applications must be dated prior to September 30th and received by the home office no later than October 15th. Call today for additional details.

Sales Opportunity

October is CD Renewal Month

October is traditionally a time where a significant amount of CD money comes due. This can be a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of other safe money alternatives. Available for release is our CD Renewal Sales Kit. Call today to get yours.

Industry News


A recent study by Lincoln Financial found that while 75% of consumers saw wealth protection as a key component of life insurance less than half own a life insurance policy.

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Lincoln National WealthAdvantage IUL

Lincoln National has introduced it’s newest offering the WealthAdvantage IUL. This indexed universal life policy is designed for business insurance cases. It offers an optional cash value enhancement, simplified and guaranteed issue options, and competitive caps. This is an ideal product for buy sell agreements, key man policies, and golden handcuff arrangements. Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – September 15th, 2015


Forethought Rate Change

Forethought has adjusted rates on several of their indexed annuity products. Call today to get an updated rate sheet.

Settlers Life Sales Contest

Settlers Life is running a sales contest through December 31, 2015. $16,000.00 of annualized life premium gets you and a guest a trip to any destination in the continental U.S. In addition to this Settlers Life will cover the cost of the hotel and give you $300.00 spending money. Call today for contest specifics and additional details.

Sales Opportunity

LTC VS Chronic Illness

With numerous carriers hiking rates on traditional LTC products hybrid products can be a very attractive option. Not only will they pay out benefits to cover LTC expenses but they can also pay out benefits if the client doesn’t have LTC expenses. One of the challenges in positioning these products is educating the client on the various options and benefits to the client. Available for download is a definitive guide on Long Term Care vs Chronic Illness riders.

Industry News

Sun Life Announces Acquisition

Sun Life has announced that it will be acquiring Assurant Inc. Assurant is predominantly an employee benefits insurance company. The purchase price is $975mm and will expand Sun Life’s current insurance offerings.

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Indexed Annuity Care

One America has introduced the first indexed annuity that offers tax free LTC benefits. The product is on a 9 year chassis and offers competitive caps in addition to multipliers for LTC expenses. Call today for additional details and state availability.

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Tuesday Tips – September 9th, 2015


Commission Bonus

Athene currently has a 1% commission bonus running for both the Target Horizon 10 and 15. Both of these products offer competitive caps and income rider options. The bonus runs until October 31st. Call today for additional details.

Voya Commission Bonus

Voya is currently offering up to .70bps additional commission on their most popular fia’s. Call today for state availability and additional details.

Sales Opportunity

Leveraging Investments With Life Insurance

Life insurance can be an extremely effective tool for layering in a guaranteed yield with funds that are earmarked for wealth transfer. Using guaranteed universal life insurance you can calculate a guaranteed IRR on the death benefit that many times will outpace the earnings of moderately invested funds. Call today to request a sales brochure on this sales concept.

Industry News

Health Care Subsidies

According to the Treasury 40% of U.S. households that received health care subsidies in 2015 will not qualify for them in 2016 because they still haven’t properly filed their 2014 tax returns.

Hot Rates

Symetra UL-G

Symetra has rolled out a new guaranteed universal life policy. The new product offers very competitive pricing, the ability to take in large single premiums, and also offers a table shave program up to age 70. In addition to this it boasts 2 different chronic illness riders to suit your clients individual needs. Call today for additional details.

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Tuesday Tips – September 1st, 2015


Rate Adjustments
Several insurance carriers have adjusted rates both up and down effective today. Call today to get a full breakdown.

Actuarial Guideline 49 takes affect today. As many of you know this guideline will not impact what an indexed universal life insurance policy will yield but, it does put a maximum on what can be illustrated. To get a breakdown on the max illustrated rates for all life insurance companies give us a call today.

Sales Opportunity

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. We have put together a sales guide that includes prospecting materials, client presentations, and sales concepts. Call today to request your complimentary kit.

Industry News

LTC Decline Rates
According to a recent study nearly 40% of all traditional LTC applications are declined. Prescreening as well as exploring Life/LTC hybrid products can significantly reduce these percentages.

Hot Rates

Equitrust DynaMarc FIA
Equitrust has introduced the DynaMarc FIA. This product is on a 10 year chassis and offers 2 risk controlled indexes in addition to several other crediting options. It also offers a 10% premium bonus to the benefit base a offers a competitive stacking rollup with a 4% annual benefit base accumulation in addition to index gains. Call today for rates and state availability.

2015 Life Insurance Awareness Month

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Marketing Corner – August 27th, 2015

Writing an Effective Blog Post

Social media and content marketing have dramatically shaped online interactions and consumer relations. As an advisor and small business owner, you may feel like this type of marketing and branding isn’t relevant to the success of your company. But in truth, it is.

Content marketing allows you to reach out to prospects and clients in a unique way, compared to other forms of marketing like direct mail. It is cheap, efficient, and when employed properly, doesn’t require too much of a time commitment.

Here are Ten Best Practices for Creating an Effective Blog Post

Write About Topics That Matter To You

Blogging presents an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and present information that reflects your experience and specialty. Writing on topics that you are passionate about will help keep you engaged with this form of content marketing.

Write About Topics That Matter To Your Audience

Knowing what will resonate with your audience is crucial with blogging—really with any kind of marketing. So write about concerns that affect individuals within your target market. What specific retirement or financial pl anning issues do they think about or should they think about? Discuss these issues and offer basic strategies to solve them.

Be Consistent

Many advisors will start a blog and then get swept up in the duties of running their practice. However, it is very important that you keep a regular schedule, as this will help to build a following and maintain momentum. Make sure to appropriate a portion of your time for blogging and content marketing. Even if you only do so for a few hours every couple of weeks, you should start to see traction as long as you maintain consistency.

Be Professional

Blogs can be used as informal messages from your company to your prospects and clients. Because of this, many people approach blogging very casually. While you do want to present your information in a humorous, perhaps loose tone, you should still create professional content that reflects well on you and your practice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use “Voice”

One reason blogs can be so great at reaching out to your consumers is that you can present yourself as an actual human being. Establish a voice, speak informally, and break down complicated concepts in
easy-to-understand terms. While this may seem to contradict the “Be Professional” point above, the important thing is balance. Don’t shy away from personality, but don’t be sloppy.

Balance Posts with Images and Related Videos

Content with images and short videos generally get more traction than those without. Seek out images and videos that enhance the points you are discussing. Make sure that you give proper attribution to sourced elements or use stock image services. If possible, create your own 1-2 minute short videos to illustrate core concepts within your blog post.

Adhere to Writing Basics

Just because it’s a blog, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t demonstrate quality writing. Use proper grammar, diction, and appropriate tone when publishing your pieces. Break up large chunks of text into easy to read paragraphs. Make sure your piece has an overall purpose. Give your reader a reason to finish the post.

Share/Syndicate Through Other Platforms

Not only should you host your latest post on your website, you should syndicate it through other platforms. Sharing your post on LinkedIn or Facebook can be great at reaching a targeted audience through your connections or specific groups. In addition to these social media platforms, syndicate your content through niche websites or forums.

Respond to Current Events or Other Articles

Draw on current events that may be of importance to your audience. Is there a policy change that may affect your prospects? Are there seasonal topics that may resonate with your audience (e.g. tax-time, life insurance awareness month)? Did you come across an article that illustrates an aspect of financial planning you feel strongly about? Use it as a discussion point. The more you can tie your pieces to current events and other sources, the more they will have immediate relevance and credibility.

Use SEO Tools To Make Your Pieces SEO-Friendly

Creating content on a regular schedule helps to optimize your website’s placement in search engine results. But you should also use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to find keywords that will boost your SEO ranking.

With SEO keywords a good balance is key. You certainly do not want to ignore keywords that may raise your ranking, but you also do not want to stuff your articles with unnecessary iterations of keywords. The latter may, in fact, hurt your web ranking.

**This post is part of Legacy Financial Partners’ ongoing Marketing Corner, a space that offers advisors short sales ideas, yellow-pad concepts, and alerts to aid advisors in lead conversion, marketing, and client relationship building.

If you haven’t yet, grab your free copy of LFP’s other recent sales kits, such our Strategic Referral Guide and LinkedIn Prospecting Kit. Be on the look out for more helpful guides from Legacy.

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