About Us

Located in the Heartland Topeka, Kansas, Legacy Financial Partners is a full-service FMO (Field Marketing Organization) that provides its clients with the materials, information and strategies to promote, support and successfully manage their operation to its maximum potential.

Marketing your business and providing the information for operating it at a highly-efficient level is what separates Legacy Financial Partners from its competitors. Creating a collaborative environment where your ideas can be vetted, implemented and analyzed provides our clients with a crucial platform to develop their business strategies and practices.

Legacy Financial Partners philosophy of steady growth, knowledge-based advisement, and diligent professional service streamlines our business operations to meet the personalized needs of your day-to-day schedule.

Who We Are


Legacy Financial Partners is an independent field marketing organization that specializes in Fixed Annuities, Life Insurance, and Long Term Care.

What We Do


We provide our advisors a unique experience by customizing our offerings and business processes to each specific advisor.

How We Think


Advisors shouldn’t have to work with multiple FMO’s to have all of their needs satisfied. They should be able to get all of the resources they need from one place.

Find out how Legacy Financial Partners works for you.

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